7 Things To Do at Irvine Regional Park in Orange, California + Giveaway!

Our kids are growing up way too fast. Since having them, we try to cherish every moment. The seasonal events soon became tradition, and with every year that passes, we contemplate that our babies are no longer babies anymore. We still enjoy celebrating the seasons and each time I wonder if they have outgrown them, but for now, they are still having fun, and now they are enjoying them through their baby cousin’s eyes. The hard part is deciding which event we want to go to. Orange County sure has it all!

Let’s talk about the many different activities at Irvine Regional Park. It’s one of our favorite places for play dates in Orange County. The park is huge! Let’s clear this up, because when we started going there, I was confused with the names. Is it Irvine Regional Park or Irvine Park Railroad? Also, where is OC Zoo? Well, both Irvine Park Railroad and OC Zoo are located inside Irvine Regional Park in the City of Orange, California (not Irvine). Here are 7 things you can do at the park!

New Exhibits at Aquarium of the Pacific + Ticket Giveaway!

Our summer is not complete without a visit to our local aquarium in Long Beach. Home to 11,000 animals, we can spend hours at the Aquarium of the Pacific just pausing at each exhibit reading, learning, and observing. We all have our favorites, and I think mine is the underwater viewing tunnel, leafy sea dragons, and jellyfish. My boys love shark and all the beautiful colorful fish. We were just there this week, and although they have construction going on, the exhibits are unaffected and open for business. New exhibits include frogs and amphibians, archerfish, and interactive exhibits about California’s coastline.