Sneaky Spinach Book by Alexis Schulze of Nekter Juice Bar

Alexis Schulze, co-founder of NEKTER JUICE BAR, debuted her first children’s book called Sneaky Spinach. It is a story about a boy named Nick who loves junk food and refuses to eat his veggies. The spinach leaves found a clever way to slowly sneak into his morning smoothie. He never saw them and would drink the whole thing. It later gave him super powers. The book encourages children to make healthier choices for energy over eating junk leaving us sluggish and slow. It also includes a super easy smoothie recipe you can try at home. I went to her book signing at South Coast Plaza last month. As she read … READ MORE >>

Book Review: TEETH FAIRIES by Ingrid Bencosme | #TeethFairies

Is your child at that age when their baby teeth is about to be replaced? Have you thought about how you would handle it? Will you introduce the Tooth Fairy? How much should you give them? Now is the time to start healthy brushing habits in their daily routines. We received a really cute copy of Teeth Fairies – A Baby Teeth Tradition written by Ingrid Bencosme and illustrated by Laura Watson. The box set comes with a fun Tooth Fairy doll, a colorfully decorated keepsake box, and a hard copy of the book. The children must name their fairy and look for it every morning when she returns from … READ MORE >>