Back-to-School Deals at The Children’s Place |@ChildrensPlace #PLACEfall Giveaway ends 8/14

We were invited to shop the Back-to-School sales at The Children’s Place. Here’s what we found: BACK PACKS For the boys, they have licensed back packs: Angry Birds, Marvel Comics, Phineas and Ferb, and more. Here are some of the girls: TRENDY SCHOOL UNIFORMS GRAPHIC TEES JEGGINGS FUN PIECES TO MIX AND MATCH BOY’S UNIFORMS I like that uniforms can still look cool and how they layered the looks to give it personality. Do you agree? GRAPHIC TEES FOR BOYS LAYERED LOOKS DENIM SALE HOW TO SAVE MONEY I’ve shared my money saving tips before, but here they are again: Go Green and Go Paperless. Sign up for their e-newsletters. … READ MORE >>