RECIPE: Fries Au Gratin @CravOnFries with Leyna’s Kitchen | @LeynasKitchen #CravOnFries #Recipe

For this project, I partnered up with my Chef sister from Leyna’s Kitchen. This is what she came up with. Enjoy! _________________________________________ You know I love a good food challenge. For this project, I was given some frozen “CravOn Never Fried French Fries” to come up with a simple recipe for families to enjoy. Here is my dish: Fries Au Gratin – a simple recipe by Leyna’s Kitchen. For this project, I used a 2″ x 3″ x 1.5″h single serving rectangular baking dish (see pictured). STEP #3. Sprinkle a layer of garlic. STEP #5. Repeat the layers. STEP #6. Pour over the top heavy whipping cream. Be sure to … READ MORE >>