A Healthier Stronger Me after One Month of CURVES Fitness

If you have been following my fitness journey with Curves, it has now been a month, and it is now time to “Weigh-In”. My commitment was working out with a friend 2-3 times a week for a month, and I am proud to report that I made it to all my Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays morning sessions except one time, and that was because I went hiking. The workouts are 30-minutes which include two rounds of circuits designed for a total body workout alternating muscle groups every 30 seconds plus fifteen minutes of stretching. The workouts include resistance machines that work out lower body, core, and upper body. We’re tracking heart rate with every round of circuit, and there is also cooling time. I lost 4 pounds and overall 7.5 inches! You can see my results below! (Disclaimer: Curves Fitness members on average lose 5 lbs. over a 20‐week period. I received promotional consideration.)

Curves Fitness for Women 25 Years Strong

Have you heard of CURVES Fitness Program for women? Some of my friends and I signed up for a month-long membership at CURVES in Laguna Niguel to kick off our fitness journey – “No Make, No Men, and No Mirrors” (their unofficial motto). I have never been inside their facility before, and did not know what to expect, but I am trying to make a lifestyle change by making fitness a priority so that is why I have decided to try them out. They offer 30-minute total body workouts on strength training machines. What I have seen so far, I have been extremely impressed. In thirty minutes, my friend and I are able to complete two rounds of circuit designed to burn fat, increase heart rate, and build strength. We are working every core muscle group and only spend 30 seconds at each station. As I look around the room, everyone is moving at different levels, but I can tell the members have been coming here for years. I don’t feel intimated or judged, and we’re all there for the same reason – to get healthy.