Disney Pixar’s “Inside Out” at El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood #insideout

Disney•Pixar’s “Inside Out” is now showing at theaters everywhere! We saw a pre-screening of the movie at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood a few weeks ago and loved it! Before the movie, an organist performed to Disney’s popular song tunes, but now through August 19, 2015, they will open with a “Music of Light” show which will include illuminations created by 3D Live along with live dancers choreographed by Dave Scott (resident choreographer on “So You Think You Can Dance!”) “Five of the characters of ‘Inside Out’—Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust—are Emotions,” said Scott. “For me, being able to interpret emotion through dance live on stage is a … READ MORE >>

Movie Review: Disney’s #TOMORROWLAND | Printables and Activity Sheets

Disclosure: We went to a pre-screening. All images are copyrighted and used with permission. Directed by two-time Oscar winner Brad Bird, Disney’s Tomorrowland is a mysterious adventure movie about a futuristic world created by geniuses to save the world. It features stars like Academy Award winner George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, Britt Robertson, and Raffey Cassidy. The graphics and special effects were AMAZING! I liked that it was not only a movie about inventions and dreamers, but it also had a good message at the end. For example, the movie is not only about the endless possibilities of creating a world with state of the art technology, but also being responsible … READ MORE >>

Movie Review: Fall in Love with Disney’s Cinderella All Over Again | #Cinderella

We went to an advance screening of this film. If you’ve been on the fence about the new Disney Cinderella movie, you are not alone, because we have been too. It’s really hard to recreate a timeless classic without tearing it up into pieces, however, the new film not only preserved the classic, it added elements that helps us appreciate the classic even more. For example, it went further back into Ella’s happy childhood when her beloved mother and father were still alive. How does her Dad meet her Stepmother? We also learn more about the Prince’s prior commitments to marry for benefits and power. Will he be able to … READ MORE >>

Movie Review: Disney’s Big Hero 6 | #BigHero6 #MeetBaymax

Last week we went to a pre-screening of the new Disney movie, “Big Hero 6“, and LOVED it! From the team behind “Frozen” and “Wreck-It Ralph“, Walt Disney Animation Studios don’t disappoint. It’s a heart-felt story about a talented boy (Hiro Hamada) that have lost his way, but after visiting his brother’s talented school, found a reason to go back to school. He is then introduced to his brother’s genius invention, a loveable medic-robot (Baymax), who is designed to provide medical assistance. The film is comical, creative, adventurous, and visually stunning! Who would have thought San Fransokyo ever existed? (San Fran + Tokyo = Amazing!) When tragedy befalls, Hiro transforms … READ MORE >>

Movie Review – Disney’s Planes: Fire and Rescue PLUS Printables | #DisneyPlanes #FireandRescue

This week we were invited to an advance screening of Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue. The kids liked the first one and have seen several commercials so we were all excited to see what the new movie was about. At first, I thought, “ok here goes another movie about racing,” but it wasn’t at all what I expected, it was better! Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue is rated PG and hits theaters today – July 18th! PRINTABLES! Disclosure: We were invited to attend a pre-screening of the movie. All opinions are our own. Images are copyrighted and used with permission.