REVIEW: The Lone Ranger Movie #TheLoneRanger

We were invited to a presceening of The Lone Ranger movie earlier this week, and we liked it. They had some funny moments (Johnny Depp as Tonto is just hilarious) and some crazy stunts (how the heck did they do that?) At times you wonder if the bad guys will ever get what they deserve and if John Reid (Armie Hammer) will get a clue, because the film felt a bit long (2 hours and 29 minutes). However, when the theme song came on, it had the crowd going. Watch some behind the scenes clips below. Native American warrior Tonto (Johnny Depp) and man of the law John Reid (Armie … READ MORE >>

Life Lessons in Disney PIXAR’s Monsters Univeristy #MonstersU #Printables

STORY LINE Mike Wazowski’s (voice of Billy Crystal) lifelong dreams of becoming a Scarer are derailed during his first semester at Monsters University when he crosses paths with hotshot James P. Sullivan, “Sulley” (voice of John Goodman), and their out-of-control competitive spirit gets them both kicked out of the University’s elite Scare Program. Did you know Mike and Sulley weren’t always friends? They have some funny “college” moments like figuring out what clubs to rush for and the challenges of being a freshman on campus. This brings back so many memories for me. FAVORITE LINES (as best as I can remember): “We scare because we care.” “They may forget me … READ MORE >>

Walt Disney Studios earned 17 Oscar Nominations!! WOW

Oscar nominations were announced this week and The Walt Disney Studios’ earned 17 nominations!!! WOW, Congratulations!! LINCOLN received 12 nominations including Best Picture and is the most nominated film of the year! Best Picture Performance By An Actor In A Leading Role – Daniel Day-Lewis Performance By An Actress In A Supporting Role – Sally Field Performance By An Actor In A Supporting Role – Tommy Lee Jones Directing – Steven Spielberg Adapted Screenplay – Tony Kushner Music (Original Score) – John Williams Cinematography – Janusz Kaminski Costume Design – Joanna Johnston Film Editing – Michael Kahn Production Design – Rick Carter, Jim Erickson Sound Mixing – Andy Nelson, Gary … READ MORE >>

Disney’s MONSTERS UNIVERSITY is Coming! #MonstersU #Trailer

Disney PIXAR’s MONSTERS UNIVERSITY will be in theatres on June 21st, 2013! Watch this Trailer: Meanwhile, MONSTERS, INC. 3D opens everywhere on Wednesday, December 19th! Tickets on sale now. GET SOCIAL: Like MONSTERS UNIVERSITY on Facebook at Disclaimer: We love Disney PIXAR Movies. All media (c) Disney and used with permission.