Travel Gadgets: iClever 4 Port USB Car Charger Model IC-CC07 @hisgadget

Disclosure: We received a test product. You may have noticed we were on a road trip this past week. My kids tend to drive not only each other crazy, but everyone in the car when they are without their devices. It’s great when they keep themselves entertained, but unfortunately, their devices have about a 5 hour battery life when our drive was about 5.5 hours. It lasted almost the entire trip, but not quite. What really saved us this trip is an iClever 4 Port USB Car Charger!

TECH Review: iClever Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker IC-BTS02

We’ve been testing this iClever Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker over this past week, and have been highly impressed. It’s a good quality wireless speaker! Not only is it stylish, it sounds good, it’s compact, and it has about 8-12 hours of playtime with its built-in rechargeable battery. If you like to talk hands-free on your mobile, you’ll love the speaker phone feature! Music on the go! If you like to listen to portable music, travel light and bring this instead of a heavy boombox or radio, because it weighs about 12 ounces! Going to the park or beach? Toss it in your bag, and free up an arm to carry … READ MORE >>

TECH REVIEW: iClever 6-Port USB Travel Wall Charger | @Hisgadget

Disclosure: We received a test product. One of our biggest frustrations when we travel as a family is having to pack the wall chargers for our electronic devices. Do we pack all of them or do we share and take turns? What happens when they’re all low in battery, which one do we charge first? Eventually we all start fighting over the outlets and chargers adding unnecessary stress to our travel. (Usually whomever has more battery life goes last.) Need a simple solution? iClever makes a 6-port USB Travel Wall Charger. Yes, 6! Now you can charge up to six devices at the same time – just bring the charging … READ MORE >>