Living Desert Zoo Botanical Garden Palm Springs

Ever wonder what animals and plants can survive in the desert’s harsh conditions? If you’re passing through Palm Springs, you’ll want to stop to check out THE LIVING DESERT Zoo & Botanical Garden. We were pleasantly surprised how nice the Zoo is there. The Zoo is broken up into two regions – Northern America and Africa. We only had time to visit one of the region so we picked Africa. We saw animals like zebras, cheetahs, gazelles, warthogs, camels, hyenas, leopards, and ostriches. The Giraffe Habitat is breathtaking. Certain times of the day you can help feed a herd of giraffe, ride a camel (returns in the fall), chat with … READ MORE >>

Travel: Spring Break to Palm Springs, California | @PalmSpringsCA @RenaissancePS2

I recently shared tips about visiting the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway with Kids. As we were driving around Palm Springs, it reminded me a little of driving around LA with streets lined with palm trees. (c) Let’s Play OC! Isn’t she fabulous? Seeing the “Forever Marilyn” Sculpture up close was pretty cool. (Hint: there’s a Starbucks across the street. =)) UPDATE: The exhibit is only here for a limited time and due to leave in June 2013. They just extended it for another 90 days thru end of August 2013. “Forever Marilyn” Sculpture, Palm Springs, CA (c) Let’s Play OC! We wanted to stay really close to the tramway so … READ MORE >>

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway in the Winter with Kids | @PSTramway @PalmSpringsCA #SpringBreak

Waiting for the Tram (c) Let’s Play OC! We’ve been wanting to take the kids to the snow this winter so last weekend we headed out to Palm Springs. It’s almost a two hour drive from Orange County into the desert and located in the Inland Empire. Why a desert you may wonder? Because atop the mountains is this hidden gem called Mount San Jacinto State Park with a lush forest in the Summer and snow in the winter. Amazing! Feeling adventurous on the Aerial Tramway (c) Let’s Play OC! IN THE SUMMER We were there a few summers ago. Imagine being in the middle of the desert heat, and … READ MORE >>