ICE AGE: Continental Drift is coming to Blu-ray/DVD December 11th!!

Yesterday, December 6th, I attended a Family Media event in honor of the holiday release of ICE AGE: Continental Drift on Blu-ray/DVD at the ICE AGE ICE PALACE at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles. My kids are HUGE ICE AGE Fans! ICE AGE ICE PALACE at Taubman Shopping Centers/ (c)Taubman/Fox Home Entertainment Visitors to the ICE AGE ICE PALACE will enjoy footage from the movie debuting on Blu-ray and DVD December 11th! You can watch a clip of it here. National Signing Santa Day Yesterday was National Signing Santa Day at Taubman Malls! Children that were deaf or hard-of-hearing were invited to come visit SANTA nationwide at the ICE … READ MORE >>