Medieval Times Buena Park Castle New Show!

If you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate Mother’s Day this year, I have frequented MEDIEVAL TIMES DINNER & TOURNAMENT in Buena Park several times over the years, and it never gets old. The best part is – I didn’t have to cook! You can give Moms a night off from household chores and remind everyone, chivalry is not dead. The dinner show is an epic battle over which Knight is the most honorable and most skilled over tournament games, jousting, sword fighting, and horsemanship. One of my favorite part is trying to catch a flower from my Knight. Maybe you or one of your kids can catch it for Mom to make her feel special? You really don’t know which team is going to win and boo’ing is encouraged, because it’s all in good fun.

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament with Kids + Ticket Giveaway!

We have visited the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Show in Buena Park several times now and and every time, we have a blast! The show is fun, family-friendly, and it includes dinner. As we walk through the Court of Flags, they crown us, and we instantly feel like we are in for a great adventure! One of the first things we did upon entry is meet Princess Catalina for a photo opportunity. This varies between the King, a Knight, or Princess. The printed keepsakes are optional to buy and distributed later in the show.

Medieval Times Buena Park Castle New Educational Student Matinee Show

Last month my family and I were invited to experience the new educational student matinee show at Medieval Times’ Buena Park Castle. Besides stating the obvious that it is an early show for children, the show focuses on real situations that our youth may face today like bullying, victims of gossip, and being unkind – just doing things that may hurt others. The first 20-minutes of the show include storylines that introduces “The Code of Chivalry” which are a set of rules established thousands of years ago to govern the conduct of the noble class to establish fairness, respect, compassion and understanding. Here are some of the scenarios:

  • Looking down on the poor instead of offering assistance and compassion.
  • Treating others differently or making fun of them, because they looked or dress differently.
  • Gossiping, saying unkind things, or spreading false rumors when we weren’t their to witness it for ourselves.

“The Code of Chivalry teaches us to protect the weak, be loyal to our friends, and fight wrong when we encounter it.” – The King, Medieval Times

Medieval Times Buena Park Castle – Going Behind the Scenes

One of the popular attractions in Orange County for both visitors and locals is the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament – Buena Park Castle. On special occasions, we can watch an epic battle and feast with our hands. One time we were invited to go on an exclusive behind the scenes tour, and it was a truly remarkable experience. As their special guests before the show, we sat and observed the knights practicing with their horses. They practice every day. These guys go through an extensive training process to become a knight and they’re passionate about their jobs. Fun fact – long hair is encouraged when you’re a knight because the short hair look is not so medieval. You can have short hair too, but you’ll have to wear chainmail coifs.

Make It An Orange County Date Night Sweepstakes! #visitanaheim

This is a post written by me for Summer Break is here! I am looking forward to no early alarm clocks, not packing school lunches, no pick up alarms, and no waiting in pick up lines. Aren’t you? We plan to have plenty of fun together this summer, and I cannot wait, but at some point, I’d like to have a Date Night too with just my hubby. Lucky for us there is plenty to see and do in Orange County. Imagine checking in at a local hotel for the night (The Best Western Plus Stovall’s Inn in Anaheim for example). Getting hungry? We both dress up for an … READ MORE >>