Home Delivery of Chocolate Milk and Cookies via @WinderFarms – YES PLEASE! #ChocolateMilkDay #Review #Giveaway

Last week, a wonderful surprise arrived at our door step. Can you guess what’s inside this insulated grocery bag from Winder Farms? If you guessed chocolate milk and cookies (what gave that away?), then you are correct! The cookies are so good! They were made in a home kitchen from The Cookie Lady Shop (she’s local). We also love the old-fashioned glass milk bottle and need to figure out how to recycle it back to them. Thanks, Winder Farms! Winder Farms bring organic, all-natural and hormone-free products from local farmers and businesses right to consumers’ doorsteps. You can also learn about my previous home delivery experience here. (In Orange County, … READ MORE >>

Happy National Chocolate Milk Day! Enter to win a home delivery from Winder Farms! | @WinderFarms1 #Giveaway #ChocolateMilkDay

Today is National Chocolate Milk Day! In honor of National Chocolate Milk Day, Orange County’s premier home delivery grocery company, Winder Farms, is offering Let’s Play OC! readers with a sample delivery of chocolate milk, cookies and other various Winder Farms’ products, totaling $50! Why chocolate milk? Chocolate milk provides nine essential nutrients, making it both delicious and nutritious. For this special day, they’ve provided a savory chocolate milk inspired recipe below to get your taste buds going, brought to you by Winder Farms. Winder Farms Chocolate Chip Cookie Milkshake Recipe Ingredients o 1 pint (2 cups) vanilla ice cream o 2 cups (about 8) Pickett Lane chocolate chip cookies … READ MORE >>