Happy Birthday, Pretend City! Special Events in August + Ticket Giveaway!

Pretend City Children’s Museum in Irvine turns 8! If you’re looking for ways to beat the heat, the last full month of the summer is jam-packed with fun educational activities and daily themed events at Pretend City. Hint: There are special discount days for some of them. Their annual “When I Grow Up” Day is the biggest event of the year. With the help of volunteers and a variety of generous professionals from all over the community, children can explore their future and dream big with the help of firefighters, police officers, librarians, and more! They are bringing in a real fire truck for the children to touch and explore, along with multiple professional cars in their free outside exhibit! Other special events to note – National Chocolate Chip Day, Bring a Friend on Friendship Day, Way to Play Day with Free Dental Screenings, Free Family Autism Day, and it’s also the final days of their summer exhibit, “Adventure Under the Sea!” Check the calendar below!

Pretend City Children’s Museum Calender of Events for February


  • Celebrate Groundhog’s Day | February 2: Today at Pretend City, celebrate with Punxsutawney Phil and learn about Groundhog’s Day! We will find out if we will have a long winter or an early spring and why we celebrate this holiday dating back to 1887!
  • Boy Scout’s Week | February 6 – February 10: It’s Boy Scout’s Week! Come explore at Pretend City as we host field trips teaching scout law and celebrate boy scouts all throughout the week. This week is one your scout will KNOT want to miss, scout’s honor!

Pretend City Children’s Museum New Trader Joe’s Exbihit

Pretend City Children’s Museum in Irvine, California change out their exhibits from time to time, but this year, they renovated one of their most popular exhibits – their grocery store! Both children and adults have been anticipating for this kid-friendly TRADER JOE’S to open so they can Work, Work, Work, because at Pretend City, the children run the show! Where else can they fill up their carts with whatever they want, run the register and scanners, bag or stock groceries, clock out whenever they want to, and just let their imagination run wild? We went a behind-the-scenes to find out what it all entails. TRADER JOE’S was pleased to announce … READ MORE >>

Play Date/Play Day at Pretend City | @PretendCity

Last week, we were off work and school for MLK Day so I wanted to take my kids somewhere they loved. Pretend City Children’s Museum in Irvine is still a favorite so off we went. a Ralph’s Grocery Store, a Kaiser Medical Center, a beach, a Marina with fishing poles, rain boots, and rain coats, a construction zone, a Wahoo’s Cafe, a Post Office, a library, a Fire Station, a Gas Station, ATM machines, an amphitheater, a Farm, a house with a kitchen, bedroom, and bathrooms, and an art center. Whew – hopefully I didn’t miss anything, but I hope you get the idea. With lots to do, we don’t … READ MORE >>