Harbor Breeze Cruises Whale Watching + Aquarium of the Pacific

Whale Watching in Southern California can be enjoyed year round. Depending on the migrating season, we can spot them in the waters off the shores of California, however, it is most exciting when we can get as close as possible in their natural environment (by boat). In Orange County, we have several ports to choose from. What makes the one out of Long Beach uniquely different is that they have a partnership with the Aquarium of the Pacific. Not only are the crewmen at Harbor Breeze Cruises (HBC) experienced and professional, they have ocean experts from the Aquarium to help identify the sea animals. Plus their cruise boats are fairly new … READ MORE >>

Dana Wharf Whale Watching With Kids

Last weekend, we had a “whale of a time” with Dana Wharf Whale Watching from Dana Point, California. Our family was invited to join an excursion and share our experience. Whale Watching is year-round and fun for the whole family! Right now there are Gray Whale migration in the winter, and in the summer there are Blue Whales. Although we never know what we will encounter on the waters, there’s always an adventure that’s waiting to be explored. That day we cheered as we spotted two pairs of Gray Whales (a couple and a mom and calf) which surfaced several times. We saw numerous fluking (when a whale raises its … READ MORE >>

Ticket Giveaway: Newport Landing Whale Watching! | #NewportBeach @NewportWhales

For our most recent whale watching excursion, we boarded the Western Pride from Newport Landing Whale Watching. We followed them for about 15 minutes, but didn’t want to get too close to disturb them. It was pretty amazing. We love being on the water, because the ocean breeze is so clean. Can you see how blue the water is? Later, we found common dolphins that swam along our boat. The common dolphins are really fast. I took this picture of them in front of our sister boat – the Aggressor. We had a great day on the water. Our kids equally enjoy it. Their favorite right now are the dolphins. … READ MORE >>

Whale Watching All Year Round with Newport Landing PLUS a special offer and #Giveaways ends 2/10/13.

I’ve got some great info for you if you’ve been thinking about taking the family out to a see whales. Newport Landing runs whale watching excursions daily all year long. The gray whale season lasts until the end of April, but then the giant blue whales starts showing up in mid-May. (c) Newport Landing “Along with viewing Grey Whales you can expect to see dolphins, sea lions, and marine birds.” (c) Newport Landing “The California Gray Whale makes the most spectacular and longest mass migration of any marine mammal. Tens of thousands of gray whales migrate annually along the west coast of North America from the summer feeding grounds in … READ MORE >>