Koala Kid DVD Review @FoxHomeEnt #KoalaKidLA #AntiBullying

We received a DVD copy of Koala Kid to watch and share a review with our readers.

Well of course it has to take place in Australia, after all, koalas are natives there. Celebrity voice actors include Rob Schneider, Tim Curry, Alan Cumming and Jenni Pulos.

Johnny (Schneider) is a rare white koala bear who just doesn’t fit in. His sidekicks include a Tasmanian devil, a lizard and a boomerang-flinging female koala. Fun right? Johnny has to overcome obstacles throughout the movie and eventually gains the confidence to stand up to his enemies and save his friends.

Photo Courtesy of Eric Charbonneau, Le Studio Photography

A few weeks ago (April 26) Fox Home Entertainment hosted a kid-friendly Koala Kid Media Day at the LA Zoo featuring Jenni Pulos. It included a pre-screening of the movie, informative tour of the Koala exhibit, and a roundtable talk about anti-bullying with messages like these:

  • Be yourself,
  • It doesn’t matter what you look like, and
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated.
Photo Courtesy of Eric Charbonneau, Le Studio Photography
Photo Courtesy of Eric Charbonneau, Le Studio Photography

The Koala Kid movie is a tool we can use to teach our kids about anti-bullying. Koala Kid is now on DVD and can be found at Sam’s Clubs and Walmart stores.

Disclosure: I received a DVD to share a review with my readers. All opinions are my own. All images are copyrighted and used with permission.

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