Bowers Museum Kidseum Summer Camps


This summer CAMP KIDSEUM offers unique opportunities for future explorers, young archaeologists, and original artists-in-the-making with three new camps! Join the fun and experience an unforgettable summer with a lifetime of memories. Camp highlights include visits to the Bowers Museum, archaeology digs, cultural art projects, interaction with real artifacts, music making, special guests, and more! Camp sessions are for ages 6-11 and they run from 9 am-3 pm daily with extended care options available from 7-9 am and 3-6 pm. Get the details below!

  • Voyage to Vietnam – NEW! (June 25-29)
  • Discovering the First Americans (July 9-13)
  • Celebrate Africa – NEW! (July 16-20)
  • Junior Archeology Camp (July 23-27)
  • Wayfinding in the South Pacific – NEW! (July 30-August 3)
  • Ancient Arts of China (August 6-10)

Weekly Camp Themes

  • Voyage to Vietnam – NEW! (June 25-29): Voyage to Vietnam: Celebrating the Tet Festival showcases traditions, customs and values exemplified by the annual celebration of Tet. Campers will immerse themselves in Vietnamese culture and gain appreciation for the differences and similarities in the daily experiences of families who live in Vietnam. Campers will explore theater through Lion Dances, learn Vietnamese calligraphy, and discover some of the diverse cuisine Vietnam has to offer!
  • Discovering the First Americans (July 9-13): Discovering the First Americans camp engages in the art and archaeology of the first Americans.  Summer projects like Clay Aztec Suns and Traditional Apache Meals seek to engage students in a wide range of art forms. Campers will also travel to the Bowers Museum and visit First Americans: Tribal Art of North America and First Californians exhibitions to explore real artifacts.  Finally, they’ll take part in a hands-on mock archaeological dig, uncover the real mysteries behind the First Americans.
  • Celebrate Africa – NEW! (July 16-20): Explore the rituals and ceremonies of over 45 African countries! Campers will revel in the artistry and diversity of African cultures in our African Twilight: Vanishing Rituals and Ceremonies exhibition at the Bowers Museum. Later they’ll experience the music, dance, and art of an actual African celebration, culminating in their own set of festivities  on the last day of camp!
  • Junior Archeology Camp (July 23-27): This camp begins with the question: “What is archaeology?”  Campers will get a taste of cultures from ancient Japan and China, to cultures closer to home such as the Mayan and the Aztecs. These young archaeologists will also explore ancient cultures with their own hands in two different on-site archaeological digs, with a mix of real and replicated artifacts.
  • Wayfinding in the South Pacific – NEW! (July 30-August 3): Moana isn’t the only young person looking to find her way through the Pacific Islands! This camp explores the varied cultures of this vast tropical expanse. Campers will explore real artifacts in our Spirits and Headhunters exhibition and create their own paddles and maps. The camp will also include an archeological water dig.
  • Ancient Arts of China (August 6-10): China, sweetheart of the East, invites us on a journey through its various art forms as we create bronze mirrors, butterfly kites, secret doors, clay dragons, Terra Cotta Warriors and treasure books. Children will participate in a Chinese-themed archaeological dig and a visit the Bowers Museums’ Ancient Arts of China: A 5,000 Year Legacy. The final day of camp will end with a special guest to lead the campers through a real Tai Chi workshop!

Bowers Kidseum Summer Camp

1802 North Main Street
Santa Ana, CA
(714) 480-1520
Email: [email protected]

Pricing Information

  • Each camp is $175 Members | $200 General
  • Extended Care is an additional $50 per child per camp
  • Sibling discounts available!

Pick up and Drop off

Summer camps run from 9am-3pm from Monday-Friday. Extended care starts at 7am and ends at 6pm. Must pick up your camper within 15 minutes of the pick-up time.


A healthy snack is provided from 10:15-10:30 every morning, however, they do NOT provide lunch. Please pack a non-microwavable lunch and a water bottle. Lunch will take place from 12:30-1:30 pm.


Make sure your camper is dressed comfortably with closet-toe shoes. For sun safety, please apply sun screen and/or bring hats.

Permission and Medical Form Information

A permission and medical form for each child is required. You will want to return the forms to Bowers Kidseum at least one week before your camp start date.

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