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For many years their British Soccer and TetraBrazil camp programs were delivered exclusively by British and Brazilian coaches and our coaching material was heavily influenced by those countries. When the World Cup demonstrated how well developed the game is globally, it is now providing players in the US and Canada with the best coaching methods and practices from world’s most influential soccer playing nations. Challenger’s International Soccer Camp will offer programs for each age/ability level.

  • The TinyTykes program, ages 2-5, provides fundamental soccer activities, games, and stories; designed to enhance technical skills along with physical and social development.
  • The Half-Day Camp, ages 5-16, is the most popular program and will provide 3 hours of skill development, games, challenges and competitions each day.
  • The Full-Day Camp, ages 8-18, is a 6 hour program filled with developmental practices, games, competitions and challenges.

Campers will also receive free access to Challenger’s On Demand virtual library, allowing them to train At Home before, during and after camp! Each day includes individual foot skills, technical drills, tactical practices, small-sided games, coached scrimmages, and a daily World Cup tournament. 

Weeklong Programs (Mon.–Fri.) 

  • TinyTykes Camp: Ages 3 – 5  • 1 hour per day. An introduction to soccer focusing on motor skill development and delivery of fun & interactive games/adventures.
  • Half-day Camp: Ages 5 – 16 • 3 hours per day. All-around player development through our new International camp curriculum & digital platform.
  • Full-day Camp: Ages 8 – 16 • 6 hours per day. Combining the half-day camp program with developmental practices, games, competitions and challenges.
  • Next Level Skills Combine: Ages 8 – 18 • 2 hours per day • Mon.–Thurs. Learn 21 skills in this session focused on skill development and skill deployment in game scenarios.
  • Full-day Competitive Camp: Ages 10 – 18 • 6 hours per day. A more challenging format featuring advanced technical, tactical and physical training.

The International Camp curriculum will reflect the truly global nature of the sport today and will provide young players with a wide variety of coaching styles, practices, and influences that will help them develop a well-rounded skill set. We have taken the best coaching methodologies and practices from England, Brazil, Spain, Netherlands and France have woven them together in a multi-faceted on and off-field coaching experience.

USA – small sided games

Spain – passing and moving (Rondo/Tiki-Taka)

France – possession

Britain – speed/power/fitness

Brazil – creativity (incorporates iChallenge zone)

A few years ago we had the opportunity to experience a one-week summer camp. We had to sign-in and sign-out which made us feel safe dropping off my child. It was also at a public location (local middle school). My son and his friend signed up together which I think made it better. They learned various techniques and then teamed up to play. They were the older kids (age 11) in the group, but it was never an issue, because everyone that came wanted to play. We signed up for half day camp which is only three hours. It was also in the morning so it wasn’t super hot in the summer. The kids all get a soccer ball to keep and a t-shirt. Be sure to pack lots of water for them to stay hydrated.

Techniques Covered Throughout the Week

Each day, the coaches will take the players through a progressive series of skill building practices from unopposed, to opposed, game related and finally into a game.

  • Soccer ABC – Players will improve their Agility, Balance and Coordination.
  • Dribbling – Improve the ability to change direction and move at speed.
  • Moves – Master more than 20 different ways to turn and fake opponents.
  • Passing – Improve accuracy, pace and 1st touch control.
  • Shooting – Improve power and placement with each foot.
  • Heading – Learn how to safely and confidently head the ball (approved age groups only)
  • Tackling/Defending – Improve your tackling skills and learn how to defend.
  • Freestyle – Daily program of juggling, lifts and balances by John Farnworth.
  • Camp World Cup – Enjoy daily competitive games with an international flavor.

Campers Package

Challenger Sports British Soccer Camps not only offer an unrivaled soccer experience during the summer months but they also include an excellent campers package.

  • Free International Jersey (With online sign up prior to 45 days of the camp start.)
  • Free British Soccer Camp T Shirt
  • Free British Soccer Camp Ball
  • Free Soccer Poster & camp certificate
  • NEW – download our new personal skill development app and get 20 Free videos!

For more information or to find a location near year, please visit their website here:


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