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When LEGOLAND Hotel first opened in Southern California, we were extremely fortunate to be among their first guests to stay before it opened to the public two days later. It was an incredibly amazing experience, and we still get excited when we stay there. It is a hard call to make to either stay in our room all day or go into the park. Some of the perks for having a hotel stay is you get early access into the park. It feels kinda weird cutting people off a long line of people but it will give you a running start to avoid some of the long wait for rides. I also like that as hotel guests, you can use the hotel pool towels at the waterpark. (Less packing for me). Since it has been open, they added two new themed rooms like Friends and NINJAGO. Here are more tips!

LOOK UP! – it’s a LEGO smoke-breathing dragon! FUN TIP: There are four LEGO dragons at the LEGOLAND Hotel. I found them all. Let’s look for them together, shall we? (It is also Dragon #1.) We were a bit early for check-in so the friendly Bell Service took our luggage and parked our car for us. Self parking is also available.

Say HELLO to a “not-so-scary” young Dragon. No smoke here, it slowly rotates to make the LEGO River flow. (It’s also Dragon #2). It’s so colorful inside the Hotel Lobby, you won’t know where to look first. Here are some interesting facts:

  • The wall behind the Reception Desk has over 5,000+ LEGO miniatures,
  • Seven of the large LEGO models throughout the Hotel are animated,
  • There are more than 3,500 LEGO models in the entire Hotel created out of more than three million LEGO bricks,
  • There are four themed rooms: Kingdom (1st floor), Pirates (2nd floor), Adventure (third floor), UPDATE: They have added LEGO Friends Sleep Over themed rooms and LEGO NINJAGO.
  • Pack ‘N Plays are available on a first come, first serve basis. (You’ll want to request it upon booking or check-in).

If you are there early and your room is not ready, your family will be easily entertained in the lobby. There is a pool of LEGO’s right in the middle of the floor, a LEGO River, and a ginormous LEGO Castle or Ship or is it both?? Your Masterbuilders will want to build, build, build. There are also a wall of LEGO models from the LEGO Movie.

 Their Castle Play Area compliments the LEGO Kingdom and Pirates-theme which also includes elements from the Adventure-theme. (Heads up! It’s also Dragon #3.) Every night they have interactive play and storytelling by the Castle Play area.

Disco in the Elevator!

No matter what room you choose, you must ride the elevator! As soon as the door closes, the DISCO ball goes off as well as the strobe lights and you will want to dance or DISCO along the short elevator ride.

Adventure-Themed Premium LEGO Room   
Adventure-Themed Premium LEGO Room

Premium or Standard? Know the difference!

Every room includes a master suite, twin bunk beds, themed bathrooms, and a treasure chest which allows the children to complete a special treasure hunt activity. Ours also came with a box of LEGOs which asked us to kindly leave them for future guests after we check out. It’s nice to know that we don’t have to pack toys when we are staying here. They have really thought of everything.

  • All rooms have bunk beds and a trundle (sleeps 3 kids). This part of the rooms stay the same in all the rooms.
  • Each room has at least eight LEGO models in every room. Premium themed rooms have additional LEGO models (ours had 15) and decor such as more themed wall paper. (I’ll show you two room comparisons below).
  • 51 Premium Themed rooms accommodates up to (5) occupants
    • 1 Queen-sized bed
    • 1 bunk bed plus a trundle
  • 24 SUITES have three TV sets and adjoining rooms that accommodates up to (7) occupants
    • 1 King-sized bed
    • 1 bunk bed plus a trundle
    • a pull out couch

Pool Time!

Most of us were thinking – why would we hang out here when we can be at the waterpark? Their pool is heated at 81 degrees, and they have “Swim Up Movies” poolside on Friday and Saturday nights during peak season.

It’s CHECK-OUT time, but the fun doesn’t end here. We’re off to LEGOLAND park. As we’re leaving the hotel, we have mixed emotions – we don’t want to leave, but we’re excited to play. We leave our bags again with Bell Service and while exiting the Hotel through the back, we find the last Dragon named “Bubbles”! Dragon #4 talks and sprays water. (Note: Guests have exclusive early morning access to the theme park designed for children ages 2-12.)
Have fun!

LEGOLAND Hotel California

5885 The Crossings Drive
Carlsbad, CA
877-LEGOLAND (534-6526)

TIP: To avoid delays, you’ll want to enter Crossing Drive off Palomar Airport Road and avoid using LEGOLAND Drive.

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