Fun Facts about Lido Theater in Newport Beach

A few weeks ago we caught a movie at the historical LIDO THEATER in Newport Beach. To my surprise, it had plenty of seating, and I do not like large crowds so it was perfect. They have added new state-of-the-art projection and sound system. It only has one screen so they rotate the films out often. Located in Via Lido Plaza, it has been restored in recent years yet still has Old Hollywood charm with beautiful lobby chandeliers, vintage poster cases, a working original box office, ocean murals that glow in the dark, art deco architectural details, and waterfall red velvet curtains. It still features its original Catalina tilework which are hand painted and colorful. There is also a balcony which isn’t found in modern theaters these days. It is celebrating its 80th anniversary next year!

Fun Facts

  • The Lido Theater opened in 1938 with the Bette Davis movie, “Jezebel”.
  • A resident of nearby Corona del Mar, Miss Davis is said to have traveled by the site daily while the theater was being built and requested a sitting parlor in the ladies room. It is still there today!
  • The single-screen auditorium walls have murals depicting underwater ocean scenes that appear to glow from black lights illuminating the walls when the house lights dim.

Dining Options

If you’re looking for something to eat before or after the movie, here are some restaurants located in Via Lido Plaza which is adjacent to the Lido Theater: Bear Flag Fish Company, Z Pizza, Woody’s Diner, and Starbucks.

The Lido Theater is located in Via Lido Plaza at 3459 Via Lido, off Newport Boulevard in Newport Beach. The Lido Theater, home to the annual Newport Beach Film Festival Closing Night movie and Gala, is also available to rent for private events like corporate and charity events, birthday parties and other special occasions. For current movies and show times, please call (949) 673-8350 or visit To inquire about renting the theater for a private event, please call (949) 723-7100.

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