Tips for Planting a Mini-Herb Garden | Handmade Planters by ThinkEco2

Do you live in an apartment or condo and have limited patio space for an herb garden? Well this might be the perfect solution. ThinkEco2 (a company out of San Diego) sent us a handmade planter with reclaimed cedar and up-cycled wood to review. I live in a condo with a small patio so this planter was the perfect size for a mini-herb garden. I think it turned it out great. Tips below!

The quality of the planters are top notch. Ours came in this unfinished rustic look. Each planter is removable. What I like is each planter has spacing on the bottom for drainage. The tray that holds all the planters together is great. It elevates the
planters preventing it from staining the flooring. It also makes moving
the planters around easier.

My Tips for Planting a Mini-Herb Garden:

  • To keep the soil from getting in the cracks, I lined the inside of each planter with paper towels.
  • I planted cilantro, spearmint, basil, parsley, strawberry, and Italian oregano. All of these herbs were chosen b/c they take the same amount of water and sunlight.
  • They were that size when I bought them at Armstrong. (If you use seeds, it would take about a month to get to that size.)

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About ThinkEco2:

Brian Behncke, owner of Briven Construction and Jules Lavallee are Founders of ThinkEco2. Brian has a passion for building creative eco-chic cedar products. Brian works with a crew of Artisans to build their products at night. Brian and Jules share a passion for helping the community while building jobs locally. They often donate their rustic handmade wine racks to many charities to help fund-raise. They believe it is important to be Eco-conscious and to give back.

Their goal is to keep $$ in the USA, employ local people and use only 100% reclaimed wood for their products. Their products are made from Cedar or Redwood rescued by them before it gets to the landfills. Resurfaced and reprocessed, their products have a rustic and vintage look. Most of the wood is unfinished and all appearances will vary. Always handmade in San Diego, CA. They do not harm any additional trees by making their products.

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