Belmont Park Adventure in Mission Bay

When we were staying at the Bahia Hotel in Mission Bay, Belmont Park was seen across the way. Sure we could walk over, but have you seen my sister-in-law’s itinerary?? We were on a “tight” and I mean “tight” schedule. After all, they were touring sunny SoCal in one week remember? With a couple of hours to play before dinner, we drove ourselves over. =)

Belmont Park/(c) Let’s Play OC!

Hot Tip: As you soon as you decide it’s on your “To-Do”, sign up to receive coupons HERE. The one that we were especially looking for was RUSH Laser Tag and shortly after I registered my email, I scored this:

Here’s what it says (note: please do not print this out as your coupon because they will not honor it):
Unlimited RUSH Laser Tag,
Sky Climb, Sky
Ropes PLUS 10 turns in
the Lazer Maze
Only $12.00 per person*
Valid for up to 6 people – Attractions are
subject to availability and may change
without notice. Sorry, offer not valid with
other discount or promotion.
Info: (858) 488-1971 Expires: 4/30/13
COMPARED to Published Prices (as of 4/9):
  • $7.95 Rush Laser Tag per game. (Pay for 2 games and get UNLIMITED – $15.90) OR
  • $15.95 UNLIMITED Rush Laser Tag (only) OR
  • $19.95 UNLIMITED Rush Laser Tag, Sky Ropes, Sky Climb, 10 Laser Maze Runs & 20 Tokens. (This is the most comparable package but this one includes the tokens) OR
  • $74.95 4 Guests: UNLIMITED Rush Laser Tag, Sky Ropes, Sky Climb, 10 Laser Maze Runs & 20 Tokens Each. ($18.73 per person)

  • Sky Ropes – $6.95 per person
  • Sky Climb – $5.95 per person
  • 10 Laser Maze Runs – $2 per try ($20 value)

I hope the savings are obvious. Here’s our adventure at Belmont Park:

RUSH Laser Tag

Only a few of us went because of the height and age restrictions. My five (soon to be six) year old son LOVED it (especially with his Dad leading the way and protecting him). They all came out high-fiving each other.

RUSH Laser Tag Results at Belmont Park (c) Let’s Play OC!

Laser Maze

I don’t have a picture to share but it’s located right next to Laser Tag and just think “Mission Impossible”. While you’re timed, you must carefully crawl and maneuver around the beams. Only one at a time and they score you at the end.

Sky Climb

The palm tree is not just for monkeys. You can climb that too!
Darren got a little competitive at the end because we were calling him an old man for turning 40. =)
(c) Let’s Play OC!

Sky Ropes

NO time to rest now – STRAP UP!

Note: Guests under 48” must be accompanied by a paid adult.

Sky Ropes at Belmont Park (c) Let’s Play OC!


Sky Ropes at Belmont Park (c) Let’s Play OC!

Admissions and Parking: FREE


Lastly, don’t forget you will be by the water, so bring something to keep you warm if you plan to play after dark.

Have you been to Belmont Park before? Anything you would like to add or share?




Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. We used the coupons as said above. All opinions are my own. Prices are subject to change. Your experiences may vary. All images (c) Let’s Play OC!

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