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We have a big birthday week coming up in our family! I have four nieces and nephews with birthdays within the same week – one celebrating his big 1st Birthday, and three celebrating their 2nd birthday. I used to know all the places in Orange County to host a super fun birthday party from all our play date outings, but since my boys (now age 6 and 8) are in school, it’s hard to remember exactly where they all are and where the new ones are. Introducing If you don’t have a lot of time to do research, check them out!

I was just on their website and was amazed by their collection of venues, entertainers, and party rentals near me. They had everything, and it was user-friendly. Here are a few I found within 10 minutes of browsing:

  • Traveling Tea Parties by Traveling Tea,
  • Freshly-spun cotton candy from a mobile cart by Love Swirls,
  • Soccer Parties by Super Soccer Stars,
  • Glam Parties on wheels by My Beauty Parties,
  • Singing Telegrams from Party Creations,
  • Princesses for hire from The Princess Party, and
  • Party package rates at Pretend City, Discovery Cube, and K1 Speed, etc. is a great local resource! Just the other day my sister asked me if I had any ideas for a princess party. I told her I would ask around, but remember I have boys. The Traveling Tea Party or hiring princesses to come to her party is a great option! The listings are maintained by the venues which provide the latest pricing, descriptions, party add-ons, and other party options. BirthdayMasters launched their website in June 2015, and they are currently providing resources for Northern and Southern California with over 200 party providers, and they’re adding more to their directory every day. Now I know where to turn when someone asks me for birthday ideas. For more information, please visit their website!

“With parents in mind we created a directory for unique party venues, talented entertainers, and great party rentals that will inspire parents with many ideas and will also make choosing a party venue and/or party entertainment for their child and guests a lot easier.” – Olena Fedorova, Co-Founder & COO at BirthdayMasters, Inc.

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