Breakfast Republic – New in Irvine!

Written in collaboration with Breakfast Republic. All opinions are my own.

If you can do breakfast all day and every day, you’ll want to check out Breakfast Republic in Irvine. Bringing their breakfast favorites from San Diego, Breakfast Republic, added an eighth location. My friends and I are big brunch people, and they’re going to love it here. It’s also family-friendly. I like how innovative the menu items are. For example, they have a Breakfast Mac N Cheese. Yes, for breakfast! I’m starting to think you can eat anything for breakfast as long as you add an egg on it. It’s located next door to Trader Joe’s by the UC Irvine campus. My family and I also tried their Churro Pancakes, Mr. Presley French Toast, Breakfast Jambalaya, and Crab & Crawfish Cake Benedict. Everything was yummy. See more descriptions below!

Iced Salted Caramel Latte

Breakfast Bacon Mac N Cheese

… with Jurassic Pork upgrade, topped with parmesan breadcrumbs, chives, and three eggs any style was highly recommended and is one of their popular favorites.

Churro Pancakes

Their pancakes are dusted with cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar. They were nice and fluffy plus not too sweet.

Mr. Presley French Toast

Their “Mr. Presley” French Toast are Peanut Butter stuffed and topped with bananas foster and bacon. They were delicious.

Breakfast Jambalaya

Includes Shrimp & Portuguese linguisa sausage, rice, green onions, red bell pepper, fire roasted tomatoes, topped with three eggs any style. We’re from the south and thought it was great!

Crab & Crawfish Cake Benedict

Poached eggs served over sourdough English muffin, topped with GF hollandaise sauce, served with house potatoes, blackberry-jalapeno jam, guajillo, and parsley garnish. Tasty! I’m also showing you what it looks like after you cut into it, because you need to see the jam.


Breakfast Republic
4213 Campus Drive
Irvine, CA 92612

MORE INFO: As a part of the San Diego-based Rise & Shine Restaurant Group, this is the consortium’s 12th restaurant location overall, adding to seven other Breakfast Republic outposts, three Fig Tree Café locations, and popular Mexican establishment, El Jardin, all of which reside in San Diego. Owner/founder of the food-centric operation, Johan Engman, has become a local icon and industry pioneer, with his travel-driven inspiration and undying hunger for innovation fueling his growing restaurant empire.

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