Coolsculpting Results for Arms After 2 Treatments

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As we age, our bodies keep changing, and it’s not always for the best. Now that I’m in my forties and my kids are older, I have been thinking more about me and how to take better care of myself. I’ve already had a few work done over the past three years, but there is always room for more body sculpting. You can read more about it on my blog, just search for “Cosmeticare”. What I’ve come to realize is that there is no one-for-all treatments so you have to target them all individually. Going under the knife is not always an option and even if you go under, the longer you go under, the more it can cost you. You’ll have to decide what your top three areas are, and they will ask you that. When you go in for a consultation, be open-minded to what they tell you, create a wishlist, but then go home and do more research. Take all the time you will need. I’ve taken about a year for each surgical procedure so by the time my surgery date comes around, I was determined and had no doubt in my mind.

This year, I chose Coolsculpting for the backs of my arms. There are so many cute sleeveless dresses out there that I don’t wear because I already know I won’t like how my arms look in them. When I’m shopping, I look for sleeves to cover them up.

Results After Two Cycles

After two cycles of Coolsculpting for 35 minutes each, you can see my results below. It has been about 11 weeks from the first treatment, and the results are not dramatic, but it keeps working for 6 months.

coolsculpting illustration

There was more sensitivity the second time. Rosie Moore, the Coolsculpting Specialist, said it was because I didn’t have the same amount of fat as before. The suction cup grabs onto the fat, and she places it in the area where it will be the most effective. It took a little time to adjust, and you don’t want to move or for it to come off, because you’ll have to start over. What helped me was looking out the window or watching a movie. I want to wait until after six months to see if I need one more cycle. I do see thinner arms when I flex, and I do like that it was non-surgical, and there were no down time, just soreness. Prices will vary from person to person because the treatments are personalized to your area of need. For more information, please visit their website or schedule a consultation.

CosmetiCare Surgical Center and Medspa

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