My Lipoabdominoplasty Journey Part V – 6 Weeks Post Op Follow Up!


If you are following my mommy makeover journey with Cosmeticare, I want to give you a quick update. I’m back for my six weeks follow-up appointment after lipo-abdominoplasty, and today my surgeon, Dr. Brian Reagan, removed all restrictions! What a sense of relief! Now I can work out again. The first week seemed like the longest, the second week was much better, and the rest is a blur after I started driving again. Many have asked me if it was painful, and I tell them all – I wasn’t in pain, just uncomfortable. I was only on meds for about a week, and because I am afraid to feel pain, I stayed on top of it. Everyone at Cosmeticare has consistently been wonderful at every visit, and I was there quite often (about eight visits and counting). Even the office staff held the doors open for me coming off the elevator. It’s like they can tell I just had a procedure done, and they wanted to make sure I was comfortable as soon as possible. Sometimes I went straight off the elevator and through the back door so I’m not sitting in the waiting room with others.

Because walking was super important to recovery and it prevents blood cots, I wasn’t afraid to walk. Sometimes I was at amusement parks, and no one could tell I just had surgery. I often took breaks to make sure I wasn’t pushing myself too much. I stayed away from alcohol and coffee just in case. I vaguely remember this but it was really hard walking up hills, and I do remember walking slow like I was in my last trimester of pregnancy. No more! Every day I felt stronger, and I’m about 90% back to my old self. I still try not to carry heavy things out of precaution. Almost all the bruising is gone. I still feel sore and tight in some areas. Friends and family have been extremely supportive. I have had nothing but positive feedback. I get a lot of “You’re Brave!” or “You look great!” I am starting to feel sexy and attractive again (more than ever before).

I feel more confident and I want people to notice that I look and feel great. My old clothes don’t fit anymore because they’re all loose fitting. I was excited that I can wear fitted t-shirts again. There is still some swelling, but that will go down over time. My next visit will be at 3 months or 90 days post op. I can’t wait to see more results! This journey has been amazing, and I am thankful I am healthy and have recovered so well. I want to thank Dr. Reagan and the Cosmeticare family for taking care of me from beginning to end. If you are considering it at all, I highly recommend scheduling a free consultation at Cosmeticare so you can see the difference. If you are following my journey and have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! P.S. My readers get a 10% discount – See below!



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