My Lipoabdominoplasty Journey Part 3 – Surgery Day

If you are following my mommy makeover journey with Lipoabdominoplasty at COSMETICARE with Dr. Brian Reagan, my surgery day went extremely well. I think the hardest part on the day of surgery was the wait time. I was a little nervous going in. I packed a tote with all my prescribed medications, my ID, cell phone, a small pillow. I wore my glasses, post surgery gown, undergarments, and flip flops. I didn’t eat or drink anything as instructed since 9:30 pm the night before. I brushed my teeth and tried not to swallow anything and especially no drinking water. It’s suppose to help with the vomiting and I didn’t even once. My husband dropped me off at 6:45 am. I was the only patient there and the lobby was quiet. I took a urine pregnancy test and waited for them to call me back. The wait wasn’t super long, but my mind wanted to freak out. I suggest bringing something to read, look at pictures of loved ones, play app games or anything to keep your mind from thinking the worst. Think happy thoughts. I waited a little bit in the lobby and asked them to turn on the television. I didn’t care what it was, because I just needed background noise.



Soon after a surgery nurse called me back to change into a surgery gown. The kit also came with a hat, feet covers, and a plastic bag to carry your things. I was also instructed to take one of my nausea medicine. I was brought back to another waiting room for an IV while they prepared the surgery room. I knew that this was it! This is where I recommend pulling out that little something to pre-occupy your mind. It helped me to look at pictures of my children.


Dr. Reagan soon arrived to talk to me and started marking me with a marker. I love his positive energy and he is always happy to see me. He asked me when was the last time I wore a bikini? (It has been a very long, long time). He explained to me that most doctors will only pull down the abdominal skin and muscles, but he’s not like most doctors. He will be doing liposuction and thin me out. I will be getting a six pack, and he wanted me to shop for a bikini. I thought he was joking, but he wasn’t.


The Anesthesiologist came in soon after to introduce himself and reassured me that he has been doing it for many years, and that he will be with me the whole time to keep me safe. He also said they have the best of everything, and I was in good hands. This was comforting. I have gone under before and I asked him if I’m suppose to feel dizzy before I pass out. He asked me if I had a preference, because he can also give it to me through the IV. He also told me I will feel better if I don’t fight it to stay awake. It was around 8am when they called for me. I literally just walked over to the next room with my IV and the nurse. Everyone was smiling, friendly, and chatty. I actually felt better that I knew a few people that will be in the room. The last thing I remembered was asking for the time. Then I remembered not to fight it and just fell asleep.


When I awoke hours later, I heard the nurses talking and I remember asking them, “What is going on Thursday?” Her response was, “oh there is a Doctor working on Thursday that I like.” Super random but I remembered it. I also remember being thirsty and asking for water. The nurse from that morning with the IV stayed with me the whole day and was very attentive. She told me that they called my husband and that he was on his way. I was super groggy so I fell asleep again. The next time I woke up another hour had passed. I wasn’t in pain but was thirsty. I think I also took one of my prescribed pain medication. They told me my husband was there and waiting for me. Dr. Reagan came in to check on me and assured me everything went well. I also remembered him saying, “Mary, look – a six pack!” He wasn’t joking.

Home after surgery - Day 1!

Home after surgery – Day 1!

TIP: Check your things before leaving the building. I remembered asking them to check for my glasses and cell phone. Things I couldn’t live without.

The same nurse got me dressed to go home and was happy that I brought a post surgery gown that zips in the front. (More on that below). She said sometimes patients wear jeans and high heels. You can imagine how hard it is to dress someone and pulling up tight jeans. High heels? (Why would anyone want to wear high heels after surgery?) She helped me into a wheel chair, grabbed my husband in the lobby and they both helped me into the car. Ask your driver to go easy on the turns and speed bumps. I fell asleep in the car gripping the handlebar.

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