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Lately, I’ve been wondering if I am aging well. I just turned 40 and my friends tell me I haven’t aged, but of course, no one is going to tell me when I don’t look my best. Everyone is super busy these days so will anyone notice if my skin looks dry or if I’m getting wrinkles? Well, I do have them, and although I am thankful I don’t have a lot to worry about at the moment, it’s not always going to be the case. I need to take precautionary measures now to keep looking young instead of waiting until the damage is done and try to reverse it. As a CosmeticCare Mom, I get to try some of the MedSpa services at CosmetiCare and then I get to share all about it with you. Today, let’s talk about Rejuvenize Peels.

Skinmedica Peels

I’ve never had a peel before. Okay, I take that back, I thought I had a chemical peel before, but after the Rejuvenize Peel at CosmetiCare, I realized I’ve been missing out. There are several types of peels depending on our level of skin imperfections, and supposedly after the treatment, we shed 2-3 layers of skin within a week, and as a result, we look about 10 years younger by revealing healthier looking skin underneath. Depending on the condition of our skin, we may need more than one treatment to achieve the best results.

The peels are recommended for those with mild to moderate skin imperfections, and it can improve the appearance of aging spots, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, discoloration, freckles, and acne. These peels can be done on the face, neck, chest, or hands. The different levels of peels in the Skinmedia Peels line are:

  • Illuminize Peels are for mild skin imperfections,
  • Vitalize Peels are for mild to moderate, and
  • Rejuvenize Peels are for moderate to severe.

I went in for the Rejuvenize because I have heard that some wish they peeled more and went with the stronger peel. CosmetiCare’s esthetician, Lisa McCoy, first prepped my face, then she applied the peeling solution and later the retinol solution. When she applied the peeling solution, it heated up for a few seconds then it cooled down. I was a little uncomfortable, but the procedure was quick and the whole treatment took about an hour. I also liked that Lisa talked me through the whole process so there were no surprises.

After Treatment Care

I didn’t turn really red like I imagined, but pink. After my treatment, she applied a moisturizer with sunscreen, and I was instructed to stay out of direct sunlight and not wash my face for at least 4 hours (but no longer than 12 hours), as well as use a gentle cleanser with lukewarm water. Reapplying SPF and moisturizer is a must to avoid cracking. I didn’t peel until two to three days later, and it felt tight and dry. This part is really hard to do, but DO NOT PICK or pull at your skin even though it is hard to resist. Allow it to peel at it’s own pace, and trim it with scissors. Because I was really scaly by the third, fourth, and fifth day, I avoided everyone for about a week. (The photo below is Day 3.) I think I had some cracking around the corner of my lips in the middle of the week.

I thought for the most part, the procedure was bearable, and I also like that I’m revealing healthy skin underneath. Everyone still thinks I’m younger than my age so that part hasn’t really changed, but I like that this procedure helps with what we can’t do naturally or from over-the-counter products we use to exfoliate. I recommend having a large supply of moisturizers with SPF handy. Keep a small tube in your purse and reapply throughout the day. I heard that coconut oil is also really good too. They will tell you this, but you’ll want to avoid waxing or laser hair removal before your treatment.

If want to know if a chemical peel is right for you, please call CosmetiCare for a consultation appointment.

CosmetiCare1101 Bayside Drive #100Corona Del Mar, CA(949)

Here’s to looking young!



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