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Ever wonder how a procedure will look on you, but afraid to commit? Well now you can get a free visual with just three simple steps thanks to CosmetiCare via New Look Now. I did one recently and I got a simulated photo within 24 hours. It was super quick. All you do is select area of concern, upload a photo, and enter your contact information. I didn’t even have to talk to anyone. It’s pretty cool. Can you see the difference in my before and after photo? It took off some weight off my chin and this is the results I’m hoping to get with Kybella.

You can select from from non-surgical or surgical for FACE & NECK, UPPER BODY, LOWER BODY, and BODY. Want yours? Get it here at Scroll to the bottom and look for a button to upload your photo. This new technology makes it possible to get a sneak peak of the “potential results” without the commitment for face, breast, body, skin hair, and weight loss.

“Aesthetic procedures are becoming mainstream in consumer consciousness and budgets more rapidly than ever,” saidNew Look Now CEO Devon Niccole. “Yet many people who could benefit from treatments don’t because they simply can’t imagine how they’ll look afterward and, therefore, can’t overcome that fear of the unknown. New Look Now has helped to remove the ambiguity with our Aesthetic Treatment Visualizers. Consumers will have a better understanding of what they’re buying before committing to spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on the procedure.”

Coming Soon!

As a CosmetiCare Mom, I am going to try some of their MedSpa treatments and then report back to you. My double chin has been bothering me lately so I went in for Kybella which is FDA approved injections to burn off chin fat. It might take a few procedures to get it where I want it, but instead of waiting for months, I am able to have an idea what it will look like with New Look Now. The service is free and I didn’t have anyone call me or bother me to schedule my appointment. It is the only simulation tool endorsed by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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