A Healthier Stronger Me after One Month of CURVES Fitness

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If you have been following my fitness journey with Curves, it has now been a month, and it is now time to “Weigh-In”. My commitment was working out with a friend 2-3 times a week for a month, and I am proud to report that I made it to all my Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays morning sessions except one time, and that was because I went hiking. The workouts are 30-minutes which include two rounds of circuits designed for a total body workout alternating muscle groups every 30 seconds plus fifteen minutes of stretching. The workouts include resistance machines that work out lower body, core, and upper body. We’re tracking heart rate with every round of circuit and there is also cooling time. I lost 4 pounds and overall 7.5 inches! You can see my results below! (Disclaimer: Curves Fitness members on average lose 5 lbs. over a 20‐week period. I received promotional consideration.)


I found that not only working out at Curves was important to my health, but working with their Nutritionist, Kumi. Kumi is my new eating coach from Curves Laguna Niguel, and I have been meeting with her every other week. I’m watching my calorie intake as well as increasing my proteins to maintain muscle. She’s tracking my meals, but what has also helped is re-evaluating my challenges with food the prior weeks and coming up with a game plan for upcoming events. I do not see food the same way. Working out at Curves and meeting the Nutritionist goes hand-in-hand. (More on this coming soon.)

My Review!

I have not only lost pounds and inches, I have gained muscle, and I am in total amazement, because I have finally found something that works. I love the supportive community at Curves Laguna Niguel. The trainers are always helpful, friendly, and they push me harder, but I like that. The members are also inspiring, because you see that they are committed to their health no matter their age, and I love their positive energy. I think one of the members is turning 80 years old next month. She looks amazing, and I see her every time I come in. To make sure I am using the machines properly, I get 1:1 personal time with the trainer for the first five sessions and monthly. Breathing is important and I had a hard time with it at first. If you want to try CURVES, I suggest finding a workout buddy to try it with you and make sure your friend is just as committed so you hold each other accountable. It is easy to talk yourself out of it, and there has been a few times I didn’t want to let my friend down so I made sure I went, and she felt the same way. Thank you, Curves, for kickstarting my fitness!

25 Years Strong!

Curves just celebrated their 25th Birthday in September. With Curves Complete, women have a fully integrated, personalized weight loss and weight management solution that includes the Curves fitness program, customizable meal plans and one-on-one coaching and support. For more information, please visit their website at www.curves.com or sign up here: https://www.curves.com/sign-up

This post was sponsored by Curves International but the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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