Glen Ivy Hot Springs New Urban Longevity Facial with Skin Regimen

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Everyone needs a day to relax after having stressful mornings, work days, and/or weeks. Every night we find ways to decompress, but the relief is short-lived, because we do it to ourselves again the next day. Often times, we don’t think about the long-term wears on our mind and body. What I learned from attending a Skin Regimen info session at Glen Ivy lately is that the damages we do to our bodies internally also shows up on our skin because our bodies want to rid of it somehow so it comes out through our pores. Skin Regimen, a new skincare brand formulated by the chemists of [ comfort zone ], has a new skincare approach which has been clinically proven to reduce the effects of daily stress and pollution on both skin and mind.

Urban Longevity Facial™

Many external factors we face every day like UV exposure and pollution, as well as daily choices in diet, smoking, and quality of sleep can alter the skin’s normal cellular processes – more specifically: DNA methylation, glycation, oxidation and inflammation. It results in cellular breakdown and stresses the skin causing us to look fatigued, dull and dehydrated. Skin Regimen, inspired by the Asian multi-layering beauty routine, is designed to slow down lifestyle aging in a four-step custom regimen. Glen Ivy Hot Springs is now offering this service as their Longevity Facial. This curated collection addresses the most common stress-related signs like dehydration, dullness, imperfections, fine lines and wrinkles. The new Skin Regimen Urban Longevity Facial™ is customizable to correct, rejuvenate, and recharge. The facial also comes with an exclusive massage technique inspired by Qigong, modern physiotherapy, and their Skin Regimen Macro Waves Sound™.

/skin regimen/

Combating the effects of lifestyle aging, Skin Regimen formulas are developed with highly concentrated powerful botanicals and high-tech molecules, Modern Plant Chemistry™, and are enriched with the Longevity Complex™, an exclusive mix of organic superfood extracts, including anti-inflammatory Wild Indigo, modulating excess cortisol and boosting beta-endorphins, Maqui Berry, with powerful antioxidants anthocyanins, anti-glycation Spinach and Carnosine.

Step 1 – prepare: a gentle cleanser that effectively removes impurities.

Step 2 – recharge: an energizing, illuminating lotion that restores optimal hydration and empowers the skin’s cellular vitality.

Step 3 – correct: a customizable assortment created to correct the most common stress-related skin imperfections.

Step 4 – reset: an innovative overnight detox, for regenerated skin in the morning.

With a natural rebalancing, reinvigorating aroma and cooling, massageable texture, Skin Regimen’s formulas are a genderless, modern blend of four essential oils, Juniper, Copahu, Rosewood and Cedarwood that are free from synthetic fragrances, silicones, animal derivatives, artificial colorants, mineral oils and parabens. Dr. Claudia Aguirre explains how it works in the video below.

Product Ingredients

If you’re curious what is in the products, here are some descriptions. They are also available for purchase.

/step 1 – prepare

  • cleansing cream – $40.00/anti-pollution face wash. Gentle foaming cream with delicate surfactants and Longevity Complex™ that effectively removes impurities. Ideal for morning and night and for all skin types. No SLES, no SLS. 89.5% natural-origin ingredients.

/step 2 – recharge

  • microalgae essence – $75.00/energizing illuminating lotion. Highly concentrated lotion with seven essential components that protects the skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) and an energizing unicellular microalgae that optimally recharges and hydrates the skin, countering dehydration. Unicellular Microalgae: this extract of Euglena Gracilis microalgae is active in the release of calcium and in the production of cellular ATP, which are essential to stimulate cellular metabolism and give a boost of energy to the skin. Recommended every day after cleansing. It may also be used as an intensive mask when needed.

/step 3 – correct

  • 1.85 HA booster – $115.00/hydra-plumping concentrate. Concentrate of micro-, macro- and crosslinked hyaluronic acid at 1.85% for an intensive moisturizing and plumping action. The different molecular forms of hyaluronic acid lock the water into the skin at various levels, prolonging skin hydration and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. KEY INGREDIENTS: /Macro Hyaluronic acid: with high molecular weight, this acts immediately on the outer layers of the skin for an effective plumping action. /Micro Hyaluronic acid: this latest generation molecule, with reduced molecular weight, penetrates deeper into the layers of the skin to promote a longer-lasting action. /Cross-linked Hyaluronic acid: this highly viscous molecule can resist the attacks of hyaluronidase, the enzyme that degrades hyaluronic acid in the skin. It locks in and protects the water content for a longer-lasting moisturizing and plumping effect. 99.2% natural-origin ingredients.


  • 10.0 tulsi booster – $115.00/nourishing protective oil. Pure, concentrated oil, with 10% of Tulsi active complex, an Indian herb with known adaptogenic properties. The silky and velvety texture provides immediate protection, nourishment and comfort without being oily. KEY INGREDIENTS: /Tulsi: also known as Holy Basil, is a sacred Indian herb, extensively used in Ayurvedic medicine and considered a long-life elixir. At a systemic level, Tulsi has adaptogenic properties, i.e. it can increase the resistance of the body to stress, contribute to the elimination of toxins and reduce inflammatory processes. Very rich in antioxidants and other nutritional elements, it reinforces and protects the skin, maintaining a state of wellbeing and a radiant
    appearance. 100% natural-origin ingredients.


  • 1.5 retinol booster – $115.00/wrinkle concentrate. Creamy concentrate with 1.5% retinol for intensive skin renewal and active correction of wrinkles and imperfections. The combination of retinol and silybin, a highly effective natural alternative to retinoic acid which is potentially irritating, ensures a safe cellular turnover. An innovative double-release system through cyclodextrins for retinol, and phytosomes for silybin, protects stability, bioavailability and tolerability. 96.4% natural-origin ingredients. KEY INGREDIENTS: /1% Retinol (Vitamin A) in cyclodextrins: this vitamin, highly sensitive to light, oxygen and heat, has been encapsulated in cyclodextrins, which increase stability, tolerability and bioavailability. /Silybin: this milk thistle extract acts similarly to retinoic acid, but has no irritating effects. It stimulates the regeneration and compactness of tissues without triggering inflammatory mechanisms. Together with phospholipids, it generates a complex known as phytosome that increases its stability and bioavailability.


  • 15.0 vit C booster – $115.00/brightening concentrate. Concentrate with 15% of Vitamin C, protecting the skin from free radicals and stimulating the synthesis of collagen to visibly improve the appearance of dark spots, uneven tone, dullness and enlarged pores. A fine powder made of pure Vitamin C and salt (sodium ascorbate) is contained in a stay-fresh sachet that maintains the Vitamin C in perfect condition until its activation. 92.8% natural-origin ingredients. KEY INGREDIENTS: /Vitamin C (ascorbic acid): stimulates the production of new collagen, and protects the skin from oxidative damage, preventing and correcting the effects of chrono- and photo-aging. It promotes exceptional glow and gives uniformity to the skin.


  • tripeptide cream – $105.00 /age-defense moisturizer. Daily face cream to protect the skin from stress and pollution and leave it firmer and well-hydrated. The massageable light-balm texture eases the tension of facial muscles and cools the skin. 96.1% natural-origin ingredients. KEY INGREDIENTS: /Dandelion extract: from a plant known for its detoxifying properties, this extract protects the skin from pollution and preserves luminosity. Rich in fructans, polymers of fructose molecules, it protects the skin against the effects of pollution associated with the release of inflammatory mediators, and from the oxidation of proteins. /Tripeptide-5: a biomimetic peptide that mimics the action of a protein, naturally present in the skin, to stimulate the synthesis of new collagen. Thanks to its small dimensions, it penetrates easily and promotes a firming and wrinkle-correcting action.


  • lift eye cream – $70.00/multi-action eye cream. Fast absorbing, multi-active, light-weight eye cream formulated to improve the appearance of crow’s feet, puffiness, dark circles and sagging eyelids. It stimulates skin firmness and gives vitality and comfort to the eye contour. 96.3% natural-origin ingredients. KEY INGREDIENTS: /1% pure Caffeine: it significantly lightens the eye area, reducing the intensity of red and blue pigments that characterize dark circles and puffiness. Anti-age complex: it contains two botanical extracts, anti-glycation Persian Silk Tree and St. Paul’s Wort, rich in darutoside, which activates the production of collagen and elastin. It invigorates and reduces the sagging eyelid.

/step 4 – reset

  • night detox – $95.00/overnight pro-vitality mask. Leave-on regenerating night mask to boost the skin’s natural detoxification by stimulating autophagy, the elimination of protein and lipid metabolism residues, as well as toxins accumulated during the day. The balm-like cooling texture is ideal to be massaged, to relax facial muscles, relieving the signs of tiredness. 98.7% natural-origin ingredients.
Glen Ivy Skin Regimen Doctor Claudia Aguirre
Dr. Claudia Aguirre

Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa

25000 Glen Ivy Rd
Corona, California
(888) 453-6489


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