Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa’s Better With Friends Special

Is winter finally here in Southern California? I’m not really sure because one minute it’s chilly and the next minute we are back in t-shirts and flip flops. We have had unusual weather all year. If you’re looking for a break to escape from all the stress, consider Glen Ivy Hot Springs for a warm, relaxing retreat that’s not too far away. I was just there with friends, because spa days are always better with friends. With strategic planning, we headed there after drop-offs, changed into our bathing suits, walked around in our bathrobes, had services, met up for lunch and cocktails, lounged around in hot pools and played in Club Mud all before dinner! It is totally doable from South County (getting there was a 30 minute ride on the toll). They are currently running a Better With Friends Special which includes admissions, services, grotto treatments, robe rentals, and two juices from the Chill Zone. Get all the details below!

Lounge Pool Photo Courtesy of Glen Ivy Hot Spring
Lounge Pool Photo Courtesy of Glen Ivy Hot Spring

Bathing suits in the winter? Yes, and yes! Glen Ivy has changed so much since ten years ago when I was last there with my sisters. The amenities are mostly co-ed and outdoors so you will need bathing suits. Back then they didn’t offer luxury bathrobes, but now they do. Most of the pools are heated except for the plunge. A therapist was telling me the benefits of shocking your immune system from going from cold to hot. It’s one of her favorites. One of these days I will be brave enough to try it. They are most famous for their Grotto and Club Mud.

Glen Ivy Spa

The Grotto

“The Grotto offers an ultimate moisturizing experience in a subterranean setting. The body is first hand-painted with a warm mask of aloe vera, coconut oil, eucalyptus and lavender and activates in the warm Hydration Chamber. These carefully chosen ingredients nourish the skin leaving you feeling relaxed and revitalized. The treatment concludes with a refreshing shower and time in the restoring cool chamber with refreshments. Unlike traditional body treatments, The Grotto can be a group experience, allowing guests to travel through four specialized, underground chambers while enjoying the company of friends.” $25

Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa Corona California Club Mud

Club Mud

There might be a photo circulating of my friends and I in a playful mud fight. Some of the concerns were if it was sanitary and some where wondering what is it exactly. They drain it every two hours, and they clean it out every night and make new mud for the next day so if you are right there when it opens, you’ll be the first to use it! There is a big sign right next to it explaining what the benefits are, where the source is from, and advisories. I typed it up below.

Therapeutic Benefits – red clay draws impurities and toxins from the pores and is a natural exfoliate removing dead skin cells while firming and revitalizing the skin. “Club Mud” is California’s original therapeutic red clay mineral mud bath. The red clay mineral mud is formed using dry powder clay found here in the Temescal Valley and is mixed with Glen Ivy’s naturally occurring mineral water. Please Note: Due to the intense color of our mud, we recommend using and older dark colored swimsuit. Please take care with silver jewelry as it will tarnish. The mud Bath is filled with fresh thermal water every morning for cleanliness and your health.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs New Quartz Table

New for 2018!

Glen Ivy Hot Springs is pleased to introduce three new wellness services to the spa menu. Beginning in January 2018, experience the Sole Focus calming foot massage, deeply relaxing Quartz Massage and shine diminishing Pure Matte Solution Facial.

  • Sole Focus is a deeply relaxing massage treatment focused solely on feet acupressure points. This targeted massage is designed to promote full body relaxation, reduce stress, decrease pain and improve overall sleep. It utilizes Zone Theory to stimulate points on the feet that improve circulation, calm the mind, and relieve tension throughout the body. 50 min $115.
  • Quartz Massage: Lie down and feel stress slip away while enjoying a massage on Glen Ivy’s new quartz table. Based on the Ancient Greek concept of psammotherapy, the warm quartz sand ergonomically positions the body, offering extreme relaxing effects to the body and soul. The deep, dry heat of quartz sand will aid in reaching maximum relaxation while alleviating muscle and joint pain. 20 min introductory service $40 (regular $50), 50 min $135, 80 min $215
  • Pure Matte Solution Facial: Combat oily skin with Glen Ivy’s Pure Matte Solution Facial. This healing, oxygenating facial uses nutrient-rich spirulina mask to help detoxify the skin and leave a lovely matte finish. Created with healthy beauty in mind, this facial includes a Davines scalp treatment to leave the hair silky and smooth. 50 min $125.


  • Twilight 2018: Enjoy extended hours and special entertainment Thursday through Saturday nights from May to October, but during the summer from June 24 to September 2nd, it will include Sunday! Thursday Night specials soon to be announced.


Their dining options are impressive at Glen Ivy. Whether you need a healthy snack, hungry for lunch, a cocktail, a fresh coconut, or a Starbucks, they have it all to make your stay that more enjoyable. Between the four, I’m sure you will find something to satisfy your craving at ivy Kitchen, GOCO Cafe, The Lounge 1860, or the Chill Zone.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa Corona California Ivy Kitchen Watermelon Salad with Salmon
Watermelon Salad with Salmon at Ivy Kitchen.


Right after you check-in, the GOCO Cafe is conveniently located at the entrance if you need to grab a Starbucks to start your experience or maybe it’s the last thing you need to brave the traffic home. The GOCO Cafe offers healthy sandwiches, wraps, salads, parfaits, juice, crudite cups with hummus, boiled eggs, pita egg plant sesame dip, healthy desserts, espresso, fraps, tea, and more!

ivy Kitchen

Under the guidance of Executive Chef Micah Severeid, new offerings include all of your classic favorites plus farm-to-fork dishes that highlight the produce grown on the property surrounding Glen Ivy as well as other locally-sourced, organic ingredients. My friends and I had lunch there. We ordered Chicken Nachos to share, a watermelon salad with salmon, and an ahi tuna salad. Everything was fresh and delicious.

Chicken Nachos are big enough to share at ivy Kitchen.
Chicken Nachos are big enough to share at ivy Kitchen.
Ahi Tuna Salad at ivy Kitchen.
Ahi Tuna Salad at ivy Kitchen.

Chill Zone

The Chill Zone is their new juice and frozen yogurt bar at Glen Ivy. You’ll find fresh pressed and squeezed juices, smoothies, frozen yogurt, and fresh coconuts.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs Chill Zone Juice Bar

The Lounge 1860

Their new cocktail lounge and wine bar offers an escape from the heat in the summer and a place to spend cooler evenings in the fall and winter. Serving newly crafted wine-based cocktails, draught beers and an elegant selection of California wines, Lounge 1860 is located in the center of the property giving you the perfect place to relax while still enjoying the beauty of Glen Ivy Hot Springs.

Better with Friends

Now through March 16, 2018, grab a loved one and enjoy a package for two with Glen Ivy’s Better with Friends Package! Come enjoy their abundance of pools, spas and saunas, then each enjoy a 50-minute spa service of your choice. Meet back up for a body moisturizing Grotto treatment. Lounge in stylish Glen Ivy robes and sip on nutrient-filled juices from their new Chill Zone juice bar. Glen Ivy is the ultimate resort for making memories with friends.  Pre-book now, this package is only available the month of February! $335 for two people on weekdays and $369 for two people on weekends and holidays.

The Better with Friends includes:

  • 2 Admissions (valued at $50-70 each without a spa treatment)
  • 2 50-minute services (valued at $100 each)
  • 2 Grotto treatments (valued at $25 each)
  • 2 Glen Ivy robe rentals (valued at $50 each)
  • 2 Juices from the Chill Zone (valued $8-10 each)
  • Call 1-888-Glen-Ivy (888-453-6489) to pre-book the Better with Friends Package

Cannot be combined with any other offer. This package can only be split between two people on the same day. Both parties must check in together. Package uses weekend pricing on President’s Day. Robe must be returned within the same visit. Juice does not receive refills. Package is available from February 1, 2018 through March 16, 2018.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs Better with Friends Spa Special

Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa

25000 Glen Ivy Rd
Corona, California
(888) 453-6489 

At the mouth of Cold Water Canyon, beneath the towering Santa Ana Range, Glen Ivy Hot Springs lies sheltered by the mountains and open to the sky. Water flows from deep in the earth into this natural sanctuary. With spacious outdoor pools and a year round temperate climate, every visit is an opportunity to rediscover and connect with oneself, each other and the surrounding environment.  Glen Ivy Hot Springs continues to be a beacon of luxury for over 156 years. 

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