Grasslands Meat Market Anaheim GardenWalk

If you are a hungry bunch, love to eat meat, and are near Disneyland/Anaheim area, GRASSLANDS Meat Market at the Anaheim GardenWalk is a full service restaurant, and they have a great selection of meats to satisfy everyone. We ordered the family dinner which came with 4 meat selections, 2 sides, and a tossed salad. We ordered the salmon, roasted chicken, and BBQ Shrimp. You can order a variety or double up on something you already know everyone will like. For example, we doubled up on the fish. Everything was quite tasty including the Brazilian Garlic Rice, and we were wondering if we had too much food. Not knowing how much food we were getting, we ordered appetizers for the table. We tried their Rib Tips, Chicken Wings, and Tomato Basil & Mozzarella Cheese Plate – all good to share. Dinner was family-style. (Btw, the Rib Tips were on their $5 small plates menu.) They also have a kid’s menu offering sliders, mac and cheese, steak and mashed potatoes, grilled cheese, and chicken fingers. If you want something to top it all off, they have desserts in a jar! Definitely a unique experience and we like that we have another great option to select from when we are in the area. To see their full menu, please visit their website!

Grasslands Meat Market BBQ & Churrasco

Anaheim Garden Walk
400 West Disney Way #199
Anaheim, California
(657) 208-1133


  • 4:00pm-10:00pm (Sunday-Thursday)
  • 4:00pm-12:00pm (Friday & Saturday)

Please note their hours. They are not open for lunch. Parking is free the first hour, but if you go over, be sure to validate parking before you leave to get an extra hour. They are located inside the GardenWalk near House of Blues and Fire & Ice but on the third floor by Billy Beez. You won’t be able to see them from the Main Street. For more information about Grasslands and their menu, please visit their website.

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