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Paid promotion for Movies Anywhere. All opinions are my own. 

Every year for Mother’s Day weekend I ask for a little “Me” time so I can do whatever I want. Aside from a brunch or dinner, I usually ask for time at the spa, a morning I can sleep in, or just time carved out where I can just run errands for me and don’t have to watch the clock. This year to celebrate Moms, Movies Anywhere asked me if I wanted a movie night in, and they would send me some movies to download for my library. These were the categories to choose from:

  • Ladies Night – Fun movies for girlfriends to watch together that focus on friendship and relationships
  • I’ve Got This / Strong Mama – Mom stories that inspire us with strong female characters that we look up to
  • So Many Feelings – Emotional movies that make you ugly-cry
  • Just For Me – Female empowerment films that always put you in a good mood
  • Family Movie Night – Nostalgic and timeless movies for Moms to enjoy with their kids

If you’re not familiar with Movies Anywhere, it is a digital platform that holds all your digital film library from iTunes, Amazon Video, Vudu, FandangoNOW and Google Play so you can watch it across multiple devices. For example, I am using the Movies Anywhere app on my iPad to project on a larger screen (my Smart TV), and it merged all my titles from the various sources into one library. There’s no subscription fee, and you only pay for the movies you purchase. There are nearly 7,500 titles from 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Pictures, The Walt Disney Studios, and Warner Bros Entertainment.

Have a Wonderful Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there!

I’m looking forward to some down time relaxing with some of my “So Many Feelings” titles, because it’s been a while since I’ve had a good cry, and the best part, no one is going to see or bother me when I ugly cry. I am watching –  “About Time”, “Steel Magnolias”, “Light Between Oceans”, and “Where The Heart Is”. Suggested things you will need to have your own – tissues, a candle, soft bath robe, flowers, pillows, hot tea or champagne, popcorn, and a private room with a TV or tablet. For more information about Movies Anywhere or to browse their titles, please visit their website:

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