New Attractions and Shows at SeaWorld San Diego

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SeaWorld San Diego went through some big changes this year ready just in time for Summer! Their new Ocean Explorer area features five new children’s rides and three new animal encounters (octopus, crab, and eel). They also changed up the orca show to make it more educational, and you’ll want to stick around for the nighttime celebrations in the new Electric Ocean Light Festival (on select dates this summer). Get all the details below!

All-New Ocean Explorer!

The all new Ocean Explorer area have five new rides for all ages. I was able to ride most of them with my kids. The top attraction here is the Submarine Quest. It had a two hour wait time opening weekend.

  • SUBMARINE QUEST: Climb aboard a mini-sub and embark on a mission to collect data and learn how to help animals of the deep. Monitor your onboard digital navigation dashboard and expand your understanding of the ocean ecosystem. Guests must be at least 42” or accompanied by a supervising companion (14 years or older). Small children must demonstrate the ability to walk unassisted.
  • TENTACLE TWIRL: Take to the skies in this jellyfish-themed swing ride. Guests must be at least 48” to ride alone. Guests between 40” and 48” must be accompanied by a supervising companion 14 years of age or older and ride in the double swing.
  • OCTAROCK: This ride swings high, rocking back and forth. Guests must be at least 31” tall to ride. Guests between 31” and 36” must be accompanied by a supervising companion. Guests over 6’1” must not ride.
  • AQUA SCOUT: Six mini submarines spin, bump, and bounces. Guests must be at least 36” or accompanied by a supervising companion (14 years of age or older). Small children must demonstrate the ability to walk unassisted.
  • SEA DRAGON DROP: Child-sized shot-n-drop tower. Guests must be at least 36” or accompanied by a supervising companion (14 years or older). Small children must demonstrate the ability to walk unassisted.

Ocean Explorer Animals

  • Octopus: The mysterious giant Pacific octopus can quickly camouflage itself into its surroundings to hide from both predators and prey. While adventuring through Ocean Explorer, keep a sharp eye out for these multi-armed masters of disguise.
  • Crab: The bravest of Ocean Explorer adventurers can get up-close to massive Japanese spider crabs. These crabs are the largest of any arthropod—reaching more than 3 m (9 ft.) wide from claw to claw!
  • Eel: Ocean Explorer’s unique aquariums allow you to come eye to eye with California moray eels. Watch these nocturnal predators up close as they glide through the water and make their homes within rocky crevices.

Orca Encounter

It’s the first orca experience of its kind. Witness natural behaviors up close while an expansive infinity screen brings their story to life. Experience a whole new way to connect with the ocean’s most powerful predator, learn about their hunting techniques, complex communication codes, and get a closer look at the role of family and the importance of play.

Electric Ocean (June 17th – September 4th)

Fun after dark, enjoy 8 new experiences at Electric Ocean including 2 shows inspired by playful sea creatures, an electrifying dance club with a world-class DJ, an end-of-night laser light spectacular, and more!

  • Glow Zones: Glow along with the party at these Electric Ocean glow zones with light-up bubble wands and shark tooth necklaces available at Glow shops.
  • illuminight: A luminescent all-new show featuring, larger-than-life sea creatures, lasers and an electric cast of dancers, acrobats and musicians.
  • Cirque De La Mer returns in a brand new light. Combining acrobatics, music and electric costumes, Cirque Electrique brings the Bayside Amphitheater to life as performers flip, twist, jump and soar over and through the ocean waters of Mission Bay.
  • Manta Re/CHARGED: Pulsing music, colorful lighting, and special effects turn Manta into an electrifying coaster experience that will have you feeling re/CHARGED.
  • Sea of Life: Glimmering animals dazzle and mesmerize on this colorful pathway. Night time lends a different energy as vibrant lights and electric music fill the air; every five minutes starting at 8 p.m.
  • Club Current: Grab your friends for the hottest dance club in the deep blue sea.

SeaWorld San Diego

500 Sea World Dr.San Diego, CA(619)

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