New Ding Tea Opens in Huntington Beach!

Do you love bubble tea, pearl milk teas and fruit tea shops? If you’re from Orange County, these drinks are not foreign to you because they have them everywhere. Boba also known as tapioca balls or pearls has a chewy texture and is often added to a tea-base drink mixed with fruit or milk. DING TEA from Taiwan have more than 300 stores worldwide and they’re starting to expand here in the USA. Their newest location is in Huntington Beach at Goldenwest and Edinger. All the locations are owned and operated independently. Phybie is the franchisee’s daughter and co-owner of the Huntington Beach location. They carry items like Fresh Teas, Flavored Teas, Milk Teas, Fruit Juices, Yakult/Yogurt, Lattes, Coffees, and Hot Drinks. All the drinks are hand-crafted which means they don’t brew the tea leaves until you order.