Disneyland: Taking Toddlers and Preschoolers for the First Time

As a full-time working mom with two youngsters ages four and two, going to Disneyland by myself seems like a daunting mission. I can’t imagine all the stuff I would need to pack for the day, and being out past nap time makes me nervous. Can I handle the meltdowns by myself in a crowded amusement park? What about when I try to strap my toddler into the stroller and the preschooler likes to wander off on her own. Who is going to chase her down? Yikes! Okay, and is it too soon? What is a good age to go, and will they remember any of this? I thought to myself – we will never make it to Disneyland until the kids are much older, but we went and had a great time! Here are some helpful tips that might help.