Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy Q&A

If you’re following my Mommy Makeover Journey with Cosmeticare, I think I’m almost done with my Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy. During the Pre-Op appointment, I received a long checklist to take care of BEFORE and AFTER surgery including a recommendation to schedule weekly lymphatic massages one to two weeks POST surgery to help with the healing process. I have not heard of it before and didn’t know what to expect, but after I got the green light from my doctor, I proceeded with my first session with Amanda Westover. She lives in South County and will travel to your home if it is within 30 minutes of Rancho Santa Margarita. You will need a low traffic area where she can unfold her table and you will feel more comfortable. She also brings her own music and heated mat. When the kids were home, I needed to be in a quiet bedroom. When the children were in school, I liked being in the living room and it was perfectly calming. It was a one hour light massage, and I was totally relaxed. She was very careful with me and made sure she didn’t hurt me. When she got to my abdomen (where I was injured), it felt really strange, because I can feel her move water away from that area. I started to schedule her weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) but one week at a time and as needed. She was very pleasant and professional. I had a great experience with her. I know I had lots of questions about what this is so it might be easier to understand coming from Amanda. Please see our Q&A below!