Sneaky Spinach Book by Alexis Schulze of Nekter Juice Bar

Alexis Schulze, co-founder of NEKTER JUICE BAR, debuted her first children’s book called Sneaky Spinach. It is a story about a boy named Nick who loves junk food and refuses to eat his veggies. The spinach leaves found a clever way to slowly sneak into his morning smoothie. He never saw them and would drink the whole thing. It later gave him super powers. The book encourages children to make healthier choices for energy over eating junk leaving us sluggish and slow. It also includes a super easy smoothie recipe you can try at home. I went to her book signing at South Coast Plaza last month. As she read … READ MORE >>

New Nekter Juice Bar Opens at South Coast Plaza

On March 18th, Nekter Juice Bar at South Coast Plaza officially opened and we were there for a sneak preview! The store vibe was inviting and decorated with inspirational messages to promote living well. Some fresh juices we sampled were The Buzz, The Greenie, and Toxin Flush as well as Pitaya Superfood and Acai Banana Berry from the Bowl Bar. From the Bowl Bar, we had a choice between the Pitaya Superfood and Acai Banana Berry base. Toppings available were hempseed granola, blueberries, strawberries, gluten-free granola, bananas, raw coconut flakes, chia seeds, and agave nectar. What a delicious brunch! Nekter Juice Bar‘s new South Coast Plaza location is located on … READ MORE >>

New Nekter Juice Bar Opens at Bella Terra in Huntington Beach

We checked out the new Nekter Juice Bar in Huntington Beach Bella Terra. Listening to everyone’s enthusiasm in line about the fresh fruit and vegetables, I really wanted to try something healthy too. Did you know they offer a cleanse? You can choose between Classic, Advanced, and Premium as well as a one-day, two-day, three-day or five-day cleanse. Grab’ N Go Selections – These are perfect if you want to stock up for the week or get some for the road. Four of their most popular Grab ‘N Go‘s are their Green Energy (my favorite!), Strawberry Skinny for a Boost, Vanilla Protein, and their Ginger Skinny for Immunity. I also … READ MORE >>