Jumpstart Your Fitness With a Visit to Oaks at Ojai Wellness Destination!

The Oaks at Ojai is one of a kind. It is an all-inclusive wellness weight-loss resort in the City of Ojai in California. My sister and I went for my birthday this year and loved it so much, we want to go every year (maybe for next year’s girls’ trip?) The resort provides all the meals, snacks, beverages, as well as fitness classes, enrichment program, parking and wifi included in a one night stay. For three days, we didn’t wear makeup nor fixed our hair, we went to bed early every night, woke up early each morning to hike or do a brisk walk around town. I especially enjoyed the morning stretch class. We followed the itinerary as closely as we could without skipping meals and snack breaks, took as many classes as possible, and if we were tired, we either took a nap or laid out by the pool. We even had time to stop by the farmers market which was only a block away and scheduled a spa service. It was low key and it was great. Everything on the itinerary was optional, and we are fully in control what we want to do at our own pace.