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Flying out of LAX? What’s the one thing at LAX that stresses you out? For me, it’s finding parking and getting there on time. Okay that is two things, and when I am picking someone up from the airport, we can’t park our car there so we try to time it just right so we’re not circling the terminal. There’s also a cellphone waiting lot which I haven’t figured out. Well introducing LUXE – they are a parking and valet on-demand service that allows you to valet your car via an app like Uber. I recently tried out their LAX services over the holidays and had a great experience. All you do is schedule a pick up via the app, tell them where to meet you (and they meet you at your terminal), then you valet your car. Curbside service at LAX? YES!! I was really nervous using it, but was highly impressed the minute I launched the app and had it in motion. We were tracking each other the whole time and we met where I needed them to meet me. I have some tips for you below!


Leaving for the Airport

After I opened up the app on our day of travel, I see a google map and at the very top of the app, it asks me “Where should we meet?” I typed in my destination: “Southwest Airlines, World Way, Los Angeles”. (By the way, you have to link up your credit card when you register before you can use it and it charged me $1 to make sure it is a valid credit card. Do this beforehand. In fact, do this the day you decide you’re going to valet your car and not use a shuttle or long term parking.) Almost instantly, they paired me up with a valet driver. A notification popped up letting me know JOANA is my valet and has a little description of her. We were in contact the whole time, texting each other, and tracking each other via the app. She could tell when I was stuck in traffic so I didn’t have to tell her I was a little late, and I can see her walking to my terminal. I recognized her right away, and I felt safe leaving my car in her care. Inside the terminal, I tracked her as she parked my car.

Returning Home

The moment we landed and it was okay to turn our phones back on, I received a text from our driver. SAUL introduced himself and told me that he was about 5 minutes away and to launch the app so we can track each other. We agreed to text each other when I received all my luggage because he can get there in no time. While I waited, I can see him on the app waiting in the cellphone lot as it showed a vehicle icon on the map waiting in a nearby parking lot. As planned, I texted him when we got all our luggage and I headed to the curb to wait for him. I texted him one more time to let him know what I was standing next to. Sure enough he arrived around 5 minutes with my car. I recognized him right away from his picture. I was so impressed!




How Does It Work?

  1. Download the app.
  2. Register. You will need to link up a credit card to use their services.
  3. Launch and request a pick up in the app right when you leave your house. They are able to track you via GPS on your phone and you are able to track them too.
  4. Meet at your destination and turn over your keys.
  5. They park your car.
  6. When you are done, launch the app again and request them to return your car.


Other Services You Can Request

You can also order a car wash, tank of gas, and oil change including synthetic oil changes from the app. (Tip: You will want to do that when the car is first parked so they will have time to complete them before you need your car back.)

Where They Are At

LUXE is currently serving Santa Monica, Venice areas in Los Angeles, and are in 4 other cities – San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, and Austin. LUXE started in San Francisco about two years ago, and they have been in Los Angeles for about 1.5 years. The LAX valet service is somewhat new (about 6 months).

  • LAX Pricing for LUXE: Pricing for the airport is $25/day for the first 4 days and $15/day for day 5 and beyond. A 4 day trip would be $100 and a 5 day trip would be $115 (6 day trip $130 and so on).
  • Santa Monica and Venice: Pricing for Santa Monica and Venice areas are $5/hour or $15 max for all day. If it needs to include overnight parking, then add $10. ($25 with overnight parking = $15+10)


Referral Program

If you decide to give it a try, please use my referral code (MARY220) when booking. For more information about their parking and valet services, please visit their website at

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