Fisher-Price® House Party Play Date with Imaginext and Rev ‘n Go Toys!! #Review

We were one of the select few out of thousands of applications to Host a Fisher-Price® Joy of Learning Playdate from House Party. What an AMAZING experience!

House Party sent us all this stuff based on our application. The toys were gender and age specific. We have boys so they sent us all “boy” toys.

Look at all this stuff they sent us!
  • (1) Imaginext® Eagle Talon Castle
  • (1) Imaginext® Dragon
  • (1) Imaginext® Ogre
  • (1) Imaginext® Castle Accessory
  • (4) Imaginext® Castle Figures
  • (1) Rev ‘n Go Stunt Garage
  • (1) Rev ‘n Go Stunt Hauler
  • (6) Rev ‘n Go Vehicles
  • (13) Batteries for toys
Yes, you are reading correctly. Even batteries!
I separated the playdate into two age groups. I had one in the morning for the smaller kids, and one in the afternoon for the bigger kids when they got home from kindergarten.

Toddler’s Playdate with Rev ‘n Go
These toys are very durable and the kids really enjoyed playing with them. It comes in different colors and they’re easy to grasp. After reving it up a few times in the stunt garage, depending on what it collides with, it’ll spin on it’s side.

Preschooler‘s Playdate with Imaginext®

The dragon and castle is a huge hit! What’s not to love? The dragon wings flap when it’s flying in the air? It’s a beautiful red color, it snarls, and when it approaches the castle, it triggers something that it’ll say, “Protect the bridge!” There’s also a handle that when squeezed, the dragon snaps it’s head forward to bite. The little men are designed to fit inside it’s mouth.

What they also liked were the many different rooms the castle contained including a prison with bars. I liked that it folds up easy for storage and many of the features are activated by the little men. Each little men came with a shield, weapon, helmet and armor. Some came with extra gear or an animal or travel companion.

Favor Bags!
It came complete with favor bags for each guests. Even tissue paper!
  • (12) Imaginext™ coloring book
  • (12) Imaginext™ DVDs
  • (12) Fisher-Price® catalogs
  • (12) $10 off coupons
  • (12) Gift bags
  • (12) Gift tissue paper sheets
  • (12) “Play Tips” cards: Imaginext® Eagle Talon Castle
  • (12) “Play Tips” cards: Rev ‘n Go Stunt Garage
They wanted us to post pix from our party. I took lots of them and shared some on their party page and some on Facebook. They want it to be successful so they even created a forum to get party hosting ideas, party planning tools, and a checklist. You can see it here on their Party Planning Guide.

Some After Thoughts
The only thing I would do differently is make it a potluck. Hosting can be expensive if you’re providing all the refreshments by yourself for both parents and children. Not sure if House Party will take that in consideration.

Just Apply!
House Party is always looking for hosts. I really don’t know exactly how they select Hosts but they’re usually fun brands to work with and the hottest products on the market. If you’re willing to invite at least 12 friends, share pictures or videos, and take a survey after, then give it a shot. Who knows, you might be getting a free fantastic party package on it’s way to your doorstep.

For more info or if you would like to see current House Party opportunities, visit there website at To read more about the party that I hosted, please visit:

Disclaimer: I was selected to host a Fisher Price House Party and was provided with all the toys mentioned above. I was not required to write about it, but I wanted to encourage my readers to apply so they too can receive an awesome package like this. All opportunities will be vary. All images are own by Let’s Play OC! All opinions are my own.

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