Don’t Forget EBATES for All Your ONLINE Holiday Shopping! Get Cashback!!

Ebates? Get a rebate from ALL your ONLINE purchases and it’s FREE. I’m not kidding! Shop from major stores like you normally would like Macy’s, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buys, ToysRus, Target, etc. (only to name a few), then after the holidays you get a rebate check in the mail! Simple as that.

My sister-in-law thanked me because over Black Friday, they had this bonus deal that doubled her cash back and she got about $90 coming back to her. You’re welcome!

Signing up is really easy. All you do is:

(2) Search for the store you’re about to purchase from.
(3) It’ll redirect you to the store’s website (make sure it opens up a ticket for each store).
(4) That’s it! You’ll get cashback in the mail from your purchase every few months. It’ll show up under pending if it’s done correctly.
(5) BOOKMARK IT! Now, here’s the other thing. I don’t always remember to open up Ebates. Make sure you bookmark it somewhere so it serves as a reminder.

Happy Savings!

Disclosure: This is a non-sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Results may vary.

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