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Waiting for the Tram (c) Let’s Play OC!

We’ve been wanting to take the kids to the snow this winter so last weekend we headed out to Palm Springs. It’s almost a two hour drive from Orange County into the desert and located in the Inland Empire. Why a desert you may wonder? Because atop the mountains is this hidden gem called Mount San Jacinto State Park with a lush forest in the Summer and snow in the winter. Amazing!

Feeling adventurous on the Aerial Tramway (c) Let’s Play OC!

We were there a few summers ago. Imagine being in the middle of the desert heat, and without knowing, the temperatures drop about 30 degrees and when you get there, you’re wondering what’s all the commotion? After you walk outside into the terrace, you walk out to all this green life just hiding atop the mountains that you wouldn’t even know was there from below. It is truly breath-taking.

We were told it’s equally amazing in the winter time covered in snow so this time around, I really wanted to come prepared. So here are my tips for you if you want to take the kids sledding or hiking in the winter. I don’t think it’s possible to pack light, but I think knowing before you go, always will make it easier. You might also want to watch this short video of Family Fun in the Snow here.


  1. Snow Gear: gloves, winter coats, scarfs, beanies, snow pants or snow bibs, snow boots* if you have them. Anything to keep you warm. Depending on the time you’re there and how late you want to stay, it gets about 30-40 degrees up there and you’ll want the extra protection. PLUS if you’re playing in the snow anyway, why not get waterproof pants? If you go to the snow a lot and plan to take the kids snowboarding every year, I think it’s worth getting some. If you want to save money, buy them when they go on clearance the year before, shop around, or ask friends that have kids around the same age or older. Chances are they will have them.
  2. Pack water.
  3. Use a Back Pack.
  4. A large foldable Tote Bag that will fit in your backpack. I used it to carry my gear and after we got up there and put them on, I folded the bag up and shoved it in my backpack.
  5. Sled. We found ours at Costco before the winter season around $15.
  6. Snow boots* (if you have them) or a change of shoes for everyone. Your feet will get wet from melted snow in your shoes. If you don’t have boots, bring a change of shoes especially if you plan to stay for the weekend, you don’t want to walk around in wet shoes. You can leave them in your car.
  7. Socks. Bring a change of socks because of what was stated above ^^.
  8. Bring snacks or dine there. They have two restaurants with a large open seating area and a bar. After a day of activities, your kids will be hungry.

Paved walk ways to the bottom. (c) Let’s Play OC!
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway
1 Tram WayPalm Springs, CA
(888) 515-TRAM (8726)
Be sure to save energy for the hike up. (c) Let’s Play OC!


  • Peaks Restaurant
  • Pines Café
  • The Lookout Lounge

Were these tips helpful? Please comment below. For more ideas of what to do in Palm Springs, please visit Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism

COMING UP NEXT: Staying in Palm Springs, Forever Marilyn and The Living Desert.

Disclosure: I reached out to Palm Springs Aerial Tramway and received discounted tickets to share a review with my readers. All opinions are my own. All images (c) Let’s Play OC!

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