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I just watched 1.5 hours of the NEW Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Friends Forever DVD, and I must say it was really cute. Each episode tells a story of the meaning of friendship through life lessons.

1st Episode – Learning Traditions

In the first episode, Blueberry ran late and interrupted the princess while she was talking. It was “bad manners” to be late and interrupt others. After feeling badly, she stayed up late studying a book of traditions and manners for a ceremony the next day.

“Traditions are a way to show respect for how things used to be done in the past.”

During the ceremony, Blueberry went around to make sure things were in order and each traditions were followed. When everything went extremely smoothly, Blueberry wanted to do more, so she went around correcting “bad manners” and was so worried about pointing out everyone’s mistakes that she made all her friends feel uncomfortable. At one point, her friends even ran away from her. In this episode, she learns that, “Correcting people in front of others is really bad manners”. When she finally realized it, she made it better by apologizing. Her friends forgave her anyway because that’s what friends do.

2nd Episode: The “Good Citizens Club”

In this episode, a new “Good Citizens Club” was formed and everyone received a membership pin in the mail — that is… all but one. Plum’s pin was missing, because it was lost in the mail, but she didn’t know this. Poor Plum felt left out and was determined to join her friends on their “Good Citizens” Day as a member so she had to complete tasks and tests from the creators of the club – Katiebug and Sadiebug, the naughty twin ladybugs.

Through these “unofficial” tests, Plum would question, what does this have to do with being a “Good Citizen”? Not that she didn’t want to be a “Good Citizen”, but those requests didn’t make any sense. (Like repainting the club house and putting out snacks which the ladybugs ate). What really drew the line was when the ladybugs demanded her to cut flowers from the Community Garden when she would rather cut wild flowers. She just felt it was wrong, said no, and left.

Later she finds out that she was a member all along and even became the new leader of the Club. Her friends all vouched for her that she was already a “Good Citizen” and saying “No” when things didn’t feel right was the best indication of a “Good Citizen”.

3rd Episode: Teamwork

Lemon and Raspberry couldn’t agree on many things. They were in charge of cleaning up the park to convert it into the new Baby Care Center, but they couldn’t agree on anything.
“You think your ideas are better than mine.”
After feeling that this was going nowhere, they both walked away from the project assuming the other person was taking care of it, but no one was, and they were almost out of time. Now under pressure, they started to work through their differences and learned to work together to get it done. Upon completion, they both needed rest but both agreed it was better to work together as a Team than alone.

4th Episode: Just Do Your Best

Strawberry Shortcake offered to help deliver an important birthday package, but she ran into many obstacles – road blockage, got lost, and couldn’t cross the bridge. She was determined but felt disappointed she didn’t come through.

“We can only promise to do our very best.”
Strawberry Shortcake helps everyone so when her friends learned of this, they all got together and came up with a solution for Strawberry to make her delivery, because that’s what friends do.
Strawberry Shortcake:
Berry Friends Forever
on DVD – March 5, 2013
DVD Special Features:
“Never Say Never” Music Video
Printable Coloring Pages
Closed Caption

I liked the little lessons that were learned in these episodes and the bright and colorful graphics. I think any of my nieces will really enjoy a copy of this DVD.

Disclosure: I received a copy of the new DVD to share a review with my readers. All opinions are my own. All images copyrighted and used with permission.

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