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We were in Ojai over Easter weekend celebrating our birthdays this year. Darren especially is turning 40, and we had family come in from out of state to celebrate with us on their Spring Break. (There was a total of five celebrating birthdays with us including mine so we wanted to make it special for everyone.) We were blown away by all the amenities and “Ojai Hospitality” at Ojai Valley Inn and Spa.

We are surrounding by Golf Courses and mountains! Now I know why celebrities come up here to golf. I love this part. My sister-in-law’s family were rushing to go Horseback riding. I look over to see an attendant loading their luggage and the entire family on a golf cart and sped off to their room. By the time I got my keys and walked back to our car in the driveway, I see them waving good-bye back in their vehicles. Talk about FAST service. I also like that upon check-in they gave me a print-out of my reserved services on a “Family Resort Itinerary.” This reassures me that my activities have been confirmed and scheduled. Running late? No problem. They called to tell the off-site Horseback riding company to wait for my sister-in-law’s family.

“Pixie Tangerines”, only grown in Ojai, was part of their welcoming gifts in our room.

Traveler’s Tip:

If you have an infant or todder, always ask for a Crib or Pack-N-Play. They usually go fast and are available on a first come first serve basis. This is so cute – ours came with bath toys, baby wash, a baby blanket, and a door sign that reads, “Shhhh…. Baby Sleeping”.

I was hanging out in our large patio and enjoying the sound of birds chirping. As I’m walking over to the award-winning Spa Ojai, I’m admiring their landscaping. It’s so peaceful. Note: I loved my spa service but I went hiking the following day and was super sore that night so next time, I will schedule it after and not before.

Ojai Angler Company. This third party came by to pick them up from the hotel lobby. It was a catch-and-throw fishing trip and the guys caught Large Mouth Bass.

HERE.) I’m not that athletic and was able to do it.

Family Time at the Pool

Remember when the staff dropped us off? I asked her to reserve us a cabana by the pool as they are first come first serve and she remembered! We love the privacy of the Cabana’s. They’re available for $150 and comes with cold beverages and table service.

Did I mention that we had a fireplace? Room service delivered this later in the evening so that we can relax. How romantic – champagne and chocolate covered strawberries! They even brought a treat for the kids.

We counted roughly about eighteen “Ojai Hospitality” incidents or ways they made us feel special, but there are many more amenities such as: Camp Ojai (for kids 5-12), Dive-in Movie, Stargazing Turn Down Service, Handicap-accessible pools, Adult Pools, Baby Pool, Herb Garden, and more! We loved our time in Ojai thanks to Ojai Valley Inn! For more information, please visit their website.

Ojai Valley Inn & Spa
905 Country Club Road
Ojai, CA
(855) 697-8780

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