Why we celebrate April Birthdays all month long (in my family)

This is one of the multiple birthday cakes at the event.

Happy Birthday Month to myself and seven family members. What do I mean?
We’re celebrating all these birthdays:

  1. My Birthday (local)
  2. My Brother’s (local)
  3. His Wife’s (local)
  4. Darren’s (local)
  5. Darren’s Sister #1
  6. Darren’s Sister #2
  7. Darren’s Sister #3
  8. Darren’s Niece

Whew. I’ll let you think about that for a second…

For the local siblings, we try to do a group family day and later separately with our friends. (We don’t all have the same friends and lifestyle). This just means my clubbing days are long gone, but hey if you don’t have kids and can party throughout the night, enjoy it while you can.

If neither of those fall on our actual birthdays, we celebrate it one more time with our spouse and kids. Why? Well, for good luck of course. (Gotta make a wish and blow out that candle.)

But what if you are like me and belong to multiple groups?

  • Mom Groups
  • Support Groups
  • Blogging Groups

They don’t all throw me a party, but I mention them because sometimes my girlfriends don’t know about each other, so guess what? (Individual birthday coffee dates, lunches, or dinners). If I worked, include a co-worker birthday lunch. Of course, don’t forget Disneyland Day and birthday buttons. (Now I can add LEGOLAND to my collection). How many is that?

Anyway, I lost track so if you are wondering “when is Mary’s birthday over?” and “why is she still celebrating her birthday?” At least now you know why for us, we celebrate all month long. =)

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