Entering the World of TRANSFORMERS BotCon San Diego | @BotCon #BotCon2013

Big TRANSFORMERS fans here (in my house.) When we learned that BotCon (TRANSFORMERS Collectors’ Club) was coming so SoCal, you know I had to check it out.

BotCon Ready!
What do you wear to these conventions? I have no idea, but my husband went out and found matching couple shirts for us. Such a geek! This is me the morning of with coffee in hand.

Darren with Wally Burr at BotCon 2013.

Some were walking around with this big box of Metroplex.

I made it up to the front of the line in no time and got autographs from Wally Burr, Jason Jansen, and Glenn Morshower. What a bunch of nice guys. My only regret is not having more items or a poster to get autographed. Everyone was limited to two items each to keep the line moving. We could have had eight items autographed. Why not? They make great gifts.

BONUS: Check out what I scored from Glenn. I must frame these. =) Thanks again, Glenn!

More from my photo gallery:

Next year is the 30th anniversary but they already have merch out from their collection.

We scored these Bot Shots for $1 at the BotCon’s official store. (Wish we picked up more).

www.botcon.com/BotCon2013. You can also search #BotCon2013 in Instagram or Twitter to see what else everyone shared.

Disclosure: My family and I attended with media passes. All opinions are my own. All photos were taken by [email protected].

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