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As a member of Fox Home Ent Insiders, we received a Blu-ray copy of EPIC and I must say – Wow. The graphics were so amazing, nicely detailed, and beautiful. A teenager enters a magical world of the forest and immediately fights off bad guys to try to save it from decay. It’s fast-paced and action-packed which I liked. I was a little grossed out with the snail and slug, but it’s in all good fun.

Every Blu-ray and DVD comes with the Epic Coloring and Storybook Builder app. The app will allow kids to create their own Epic story and share it with family and friends. You’ll want to enter below for a chance to win a Blu-ray copy of your own.

Debuting on Blu-ray & DVD August 20

EPIC is also from the creators of Ice Age, The Croods, and Rio which explains why this film is so wonderful. EPIC debuts on Blu-ray Combo Pack, Deluxe Edition Blu-ray, and DVD this August 20 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Directed by Chris Wedge (The Ice Age Franchise) and featuring an amazing voice cast including Colin Farrell, Amanda Seyfried, Christoph Waltz, Jason Sudeikis, Steven Tyler, Pitbull, and Beyoncé, the blockbuster film comes home just in time to help families become one with nature and end the summer in Epic style.

This fun clip talks about Beyonce’s character, Queen Tara, and how they designed her nature-inspired gown!

Features for EPIC’s 2- disc Blu-ray Combo Pack – BD/Ultraviolet/DVD & DC:

  • Mub & Grub Intro – Join Mub and Grub for an EPIC tour through the special features of this Blu-ray!
  • Birds, Bugs and Slugs: Forest Explorer – Journey into the forest to meet the real-life counterparts of the EPIC world!
  • Rot Rocks – Mandrake might be the bad guy, but his world of rot benefits ours in a number of ways, let’s discover how!
  • Bugs of Camouflage – Join us to find out how bugs use their environment to hide right under our noses, just like the Leafmen!
  • The Epic Life At Two Inches Tall – How would your life be different if you were only two inches tall? Aside from being small, there are some surprising and amazing benefits!
  • Mysteries of Moonhaven Revealed – Meet the incredibly talented filmmakers, artists, and animators at Blue Sky, and learn all about the making of EPIC!
  • Epic Coloring & Storybook Builder App – Color your own EPIC story with exclusive pages on your iOS or Android devices. Then become the story teller by recording your own voice and share on your television with family and friends
  • Theatrical Trailer
These are some fun and easy ways to be “Epically Green”

MK, Nod, Queen Tara, and General Ronin work together to fight against the forces of evil and save the natural world. They want to keep the world beautiful, green, and wild. You can help in their endeavor by following these five simple steps toward becoming epically green.

  1. Unplug: Bomba has a lot of technology that he uses to discover the world. Although we may not realize it, our appliances suck up energy all day long. By simply unplugging your cell phone charger when it’s not in use, you can save a lot of energy and in turn save the beauty outside your back door.
  2. Turn It Off for Mub and Grub: In addition to unplugging your appliances and chargers, be sure to turn off any lights that aren’t in use. Make the most of natural light during the day by letting the sunshine in through windows. At night, be sure to turn the computer all the way off instead of simply logging out. By taking a few extra minutes a day, we can help save our outdoor friends like Mub and Grub.
  3. Carpool: The Leafmen travel by hummingbird, producing no environmentally harmful waste. It may be pretty impossible for people our size to get from place to place on a bird, but there are other ways to be green. By simply sharing your ride with friends or family, you can significantly decrease the pollution in our air.
  4. Launder Like a Leafman: The Leafmen use their surroundings to create stylish armor. Although we may not realize it, even clothing can have an impact on the environment. Washing clothes uses tons of water and energy! Try to put off this chore as long as possible and only do your laundry on cold cycles and when you have large loads. Take good care of your clothes so that you don’t have to buy new ones as often.
  5. Grow a Garden: You can create your own personal, beautiful Moonhaven right outside the back door. Create a garden full of flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruits. This will have a fantastic impact on your backyard as well as the rest of the natural world. When you aren’t buying goods that have been transported long distances, you are helping to reduce the harmful toxins in our atmosphere.
EPIC Movie in Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital HD

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Disclosure: As a Fox Home Ent Insider, we received a copy of the movie in exchange for sharing this with our readers. All opinions are our own. All photos copyrighted and used with permission.

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