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Last week we were invited to Pirate’s Dinner Adventure Presents VamPirate’s (vampire pirates). How spooky and appropriate for Halloween. I sent my sisters and this is what they reported…

Here’s the story-line:

“Vampire hunters Randolph & Kate are there to forewarn the costume-clad guests of the dangers lurking in the haunted Secret Cove. Unfortunately, their cries of despair go unheard, as Captain Sebastian the Black and his horde of Vampire Pirates crash the Ball and take Randolph and Kate captive. The VamPirates take them aboard their ghostly ship, where they will prepare them as their midnight snack! Will Randolph and Kate escape the perils of the VamPirates appetite?” – Pirate’s Dinner Adventure

It was really crowded that night. We all gathered in the lounge for the show to begin. An entertaining Pre-show kicked off right there with the VamPirates, then they started calling out teams identified by bandana colors (ours were orange). We were led into the theater by our VamPirate as we continually cheered, “Orange VamPirate!”

Wow, they did an amazing job on his make-up. Doesn’t he look scary? He was pretty cool, and we were proud to be on his team.

VamPirates conspiring to capture mortals.

Treasure, the captain’s wife, made sure VamPirates were hard at work.

A little romance between Captain Sebastian and his wife, Treasure. #Vampirates

The beautiful Gypsy gave us quite a performance.
We loved, loved all the aerial scenes! It was our favorite! She was very artistic!!
Dinner is Served!

We thought the food was decent and very fulfilling. Preparation and service was timely and lasted throughout the show. For an appetizer, you get a choice between a garden salad or vegetable soup as appetizer. Choose between a half of chicken or beef skew for your entree. (The chicken was very moist.) And finally a warm chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream for dessert.


If you came for a great dinner show experience, then you’ve come to the right place. We were engaged from beginning to end. It certainly sets the tone for a fun Halloween season. We thought the costume, music, and staging was pretty amazing! The music selection was very modern and upbeat. There were funny moments and lots of crowd interaction that kept us highly entertained throughout the night. Actors were all very highly in sync with each other, and their performance were outstanding!


We thought it was a little strong on the violence, however, the children in the audience didn’t seem horrified by some of the blood sucking scenes as VamPirates turned human captives into vampires. I guess it will depend on what your child can handle.

It’s pretty interactive. There was a costume competition for both adults and children separately. The costume who gets the loudest claps and cheers from the crowd wins a prize. At one point, they also brought a group of children to the stage and included them into one of their scene. All the children got a chance to mimic moves from one of the head crew member. It’s fun for the whole family!

Pirate’s Dinner Adventure presents VamPirates
7600 Beach Boulevard
Buena Park, CA
Disclosure: We received media tickets to share a review with our readers. All opinions are our own and your experiences may vary. All images by
A review by Nhi Nguyen-Tran. Nhi is from Houston, Texas. She loves traveling, theater, dining out, and watching movies with her husband. She also likes luxuries like spas, shopping, and fashion.

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