RECAP: Going Behind the Scenes at DOLE’s @RoseParade Float @DolesFoods Family Day #DOLERose

A few weekends ago, we got a sneak peak of DOLE’s Rose Parade Float on DOLE’s Family Day. Did you know they won the last three years in a row?? Pretty amazing right? They are going at it again to try for their fourth win and keep their crown. Do you think they can do it?

My son wanted a Minion and my niece ran around with a Hello Kitty. Sure, why not.

We sampled DOLE treats: Fruit Squish’ems, Strawberry and Banana Dippers, and (a favorite) – mini Crunch. Where can I find more of these?

We also enjoyed a yummy lunch from food trucks like Vchos Truck and The Grilled Cheese Truck (two thumbs up!)

Families were invited to go behind the scenes, learn about the techniques, and work on pieces of the float.

Kids lined up to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas.

We also met with the 2014 Rose Court. Congrats, Ladies!

Here’s one of the beautiful performers that day.

Thanks, DOLE! My family enjoyed spending a fun family day with you and can’t wait to see the finished float on New Year’s Day!


  • The DOLE Rose Parade Float, “Sunrise at the Oasis,” brings together a dazzling floral display of live and animated entertainment as three waterfalls cascade into an abundant oasis filled with palm trees, tropical flowers and animals that command attention, such as the white peacocks and camels adorned with elaborate tapestries and jewels. As the sun rises, the whimsical oasis awakens from its majestic dreams, bidding its traveler adieu.
  • “Sunrise at the Oasis” celebrates DOLE’S environmental commitment with vibrant optimism. Dole’s environmental practices and respect for natural resources are embedded in our culture and the way we operate in the United States and around the world.
  • DOLE’S entry evokes a utopic and whimsical tropical oasis, a world that we can continue to imagine through responsible, sustainable growing and operating practices. Dole is committed to imagining a world of boundless, sustainable natural splendor.
  • Nested in the lush backdrop of tropical flowers a procession of life-like camels, bedecked in floral jewels, carry elaborately decorated Howdahs laden with treasures of gold, precious gems, tapestries of woven silk and rich fragrant spices. White peacocks, whimsical monkeys, elephants and majestic tigers demand attention as they awaken to the morning in the mist-draped gardens.
  • The camels are neatly groomed layers of sun-bleached sheet moss then shaded with cinnamon spice.
  • The elaborate guddelas (body covering blankets) draping the life-like camels and elephants feature intricate woven patterns of Prive and Tame pink roses, vibrant purple Madame Pompadour dendrobium orchid florets, golden and yellow strawflower petals with accents of kumquats, cranberries and green button mums.
  • The elephants have hides of finely chopped Ming moss with accents of Sphagnum moss.
  • The playful monkeys have fur fashioned in dried cranberry foliage with highlights of pampas and pharmitas grass.
  • Shades of bronze and cream strawflower petals with black chive seed create the fur on the mother and baby tigers.
  • The white peacocks are fashioned in coconut chips with tail accents of purple dendrobium florets.
  • An whimsical oasis of graceful sculptured palm trees, with lavish cascades of lavender Cattleya and dendrobium orchids, provides a fantasy canopy over lush floral gardens of over 40,000 hot pink Princess roses that ramble through colorful tropical gardens created from thousands of specialty anthuriums, cypripedium and hybrid vanda orchids. Foliages and ferns are intermixed with bromeliad plants to complete the exotic gardens.
  • Three waterfalls, featuring over 1,000 gallons of cascading recycled water, and high pressure misting nozzles, used to create a gentle fog, add to the tropical mood.
  • Featured throughout this floral masterpiece are fresh and healthy fruits, include bananas, pineapples, mangoes, papayas, peaches, strawberries and blueberries that are grown and provided by Dole for use on their float.
  • A sophisticated hydraulic system has been incorporated into the design, bringing the animals to life and also used to lower the 26-foot tall float to 16-feet in height in less than 45 seconds allowing the float to pass under low wires and the freeway bridge along the parade route.
  • The float is 55 feet long, 18 feet wide and stands over 26 feet tall.
  • The float weighs more than 22 tons, or the weight of 10 elephants.
  • A three time Sweepstakes trophy winner, DOLE is the only float to win the Sweepstakes award every year they have entered thus far.
  • Traditional folk music is played with crowd-pleasing performances in motion featuring live drummers and a variety of dazzling dancers including belly dancers, veil dancers, sword dancers, wing dancers and fire dancers at street level on both sides of the float.
  • The DOLE “Sunrise at the Oasis” float was designed and created by Fiesta Parade Floats, which built 20 consecutive Sweepstakes Trophy Winners in the Rose Parade—including DOLE’S previous three entries in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Will they win again? Will they keep their crown? We’ll have to just watch and see on New Year’s Day!

Disclosure: We were invited as a member of the media. All opinions are our own. All images by

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